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Volume 4 Issue 1


The Importance of Otto Gottlieb for Natural Product Chemistry and Brazilian Biodiversity.

  • Marcos Aurélio Gomes da Silva.
  • Published: December 02, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 01-02.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.the-importance-of-otto-gottlieb-for-natural-product-chemistryand-brazilian-biodiversity
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Research Artilce

The Impact of Religion on Patients with Mental Disorders in the Light of Integrative Literature Review.

  • Bruno Vilas Boas Dias, Bárbara Mancini, Bruna Paisca Santana, Gabriel Ricardo da Silva, Melina Almeida Pontes, Raíssa Gabriela Fileli, Gabriel Augusto Lima Brito and Rafael Antonio da Silva.
  • Published: December 04, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 03-08.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.the-impact-of-religion-on-patients-with-mental-disorders-in-the-light-of-integrative-literature-review
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Case Report

Facial Palsy Secondary to Mandibular Condyle Fracture Surgery. A Physiotherapy Approach Case Report.

  • Cristina Molas-Ferrer.
  • Published: December 04, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 09-13.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.facial-palsy-secondary-to-mandibular-condyle-fracture-surgery-a-physiotherapy-approach-case-report
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Case Report

Use of A Brachial Vein Conduit and A Rotational Skin Flap Graft Repairing A Vascular Trauma.

  • Yuniel Hernandez Castillo.
  • Published: December 04, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 14-21.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.use-of-a-brachial-vein-conduit-and-a-rotational-skin-flap-graft-repairing-a-vascular-trauma
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Research Article

Visual Field Defects and Binocularity in Cases of Age-Related Maculopathy and Glaucoma.

  • Elfriede Stangler-Zuschrott.
  • Published: December 06, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 22-26.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.visual-field-defects-and-binocularity-in-cases-of-age-related-maculopathy-and-glaucoma
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Case Report

Dego`S Disease with Pleural Effusion. Case Report and Review of Literature.

  • Fadil Gradica, Daniela Xhemalaj, Lutfi Lisha, Dhimitraq Argjiri, Alma Cani, Fahri Kokici, Alma Teferici, Flora Gradica, Perlat Kapisyzi and Arben Gjata.
  • Published: December 06, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 27-30.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.degos-disease-with-pleural-effusion-case-report-and-review-of-literature
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Mini Review

Pesticide Use and Adverse Health Effects.

  • DashdulamTS, LkhagvasurenD and Zoljargal.
  • Published: December 06, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 31-35.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.pesticide-use-and-adverse-health-effects
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Research Protocol

Does Urine Bilirubin have an Impact on Nail Biting?

  • Muhammad Imran Qadir, Sadia Batool and Zahid Abbas.
  • Published: December 06, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 36-37.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.does-urine-bilirubin-have-an-impact-on-nail-biting
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Research Article

Pattern of Eye Diseases in A Rural Community of Enugu, Nigeria.

  • Samuel Chibueze Osuji, Nnaemeka A Onwukwe, Roland A Oboh and Helen C Odo.
  • Published: December 10, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 64-68.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.pattern-of-eye-diseases-in-a-rural-community-of-enugu-nigeria
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Research Article

A Systematic Review of the Zinc Concentrations in the Prostate Fluid of Normal Gland.

  • Vladimir Zaichick and Sofia Zaichick.
  • Published: December 11, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 82-89.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.a-systematic-review-of-the-zinc-concentrations-in-the-prostate-fluid-of-normal-gland
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Research Article

Effectiveness of Breathing Exercises on Lower Respiratory Tract Infections among School Children at Tertiary Hospitals, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.

  • D Padmaja and S Gomathi.
  • Published: December 11, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 90-95.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.effectiveness-of-breathing-exercises-on-lower-respiratory-tract-infections-among-school-children-at-tertiary-hospitals-guntur-district-andhra-pradesh
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Research Article

Incorporating Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You (AIDET) Framework and Patient Satisfaction in the Primary Care Setting.

  • Valessa Joseph.
  • Published: December 12, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 96-101.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.incorporating-acknowledge-introduce-duration-explanation-and-thank-you-aidet-framework-and-patient-satisfaction-in-the-primary-care-setting
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Research Article

Study on the Performance of SigTuple AI100 in the Analysis of RBC, WBC, Platelet Morphology and WBC Differential Count in a Large Hospital Setup.

  • Renu Ethirajan and Rojaramani P.
  • Published: December 12, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 102-107.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.study-on-the-performance-of-sigtuple-ai100-in-the-analysis-of-rbc-wbc-platelet-morphology-and-wbc-differential-count-in-a-large-hospital-setup
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Clinical Case Report Best Article of the Issue

Clinical Case of Conservative Leech Treatment of Neurinoma of the Brain.

  • Krashenyuk AI.
  • Published: December 12, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 108-110.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.clinical-case-of-conservative-leech-treatment-of-neurinoma-of-the-brain
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Research Article

Prevalence of Peripheral Artery Disease in A Group of Diabetic Patients with A High Cardiovascular Risk Using the Ankle-Brachial Index at the Bafoussam Regional Hospital.

  • Kenfack Kelly Flora.
  • Published: December 16, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 111-113.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.prevalence-of-peripheral-artery-disease-in-a-group-of-diabetic-patients-with-a-high-cardiovascular-risk-using-the-ankle-brachial-index-at-the-bafoussam-regional-hospital
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Research Article

From Coronary Arteriography to Stenosis Flow Reserve to FMTVDM. The Sequential Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology and Oncology-Removing the Human Error Element.

  • Richard M Fleming, Matthew R Fleming, William C Dooley and Tapan K Chaudhuri.
  • Published: December 24, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 114-118.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.from-coronary-arteriography-to-stenosis-flow-reserve-to-fmtvdm-the-sequential-evolution-of-artificial-intelligence-in-cardiology-and-oncology-removing-the-human-error-element
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Research Article

Exploring the Health Experiences of Women in Polygynous Relationship.

  • Thuledi Makua.
  • Published: December 24, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 119-123.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.exploring-the-health-experiences-of-women-in-polygynous-relationship
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Psychosomatic Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes.
Part 1. A Theory for Modelizing the Cytoplasm and Diseases.

  • András Sikter MD.
  • Published: December 24, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: A01-A17.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.psychosomatic-molecular-mechanisms-of-metabolic-syndrome-and-type-2-diabetes-part-1-a-theory-for-modelizing-the-cytoplasm-and-diseases
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Research Article

Pharmacological Effect of Krameria cytisoides on Trypanosoma cruzi in vitro and in vivo Krameria cytisoides on Trypanosoma cruzi.

  • Jiménez-Cardoso E, Soto-Quintanar L, Nogueda-Torres B and Pérez-Gutiérrez MS.
  • Published: December 24, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 141-145.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.pharmacological-effect-of-krameria-cytisoides-on-trypanosoma-cruzi-in-vitro-and-in-vivo-krameria cytisoides on-trypanosoma-cruzi
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Review Article

Water as Medicine.

  • AD Styrkas.
  • Published: December 31, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 146-152.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.water-as-medicine
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Review Article

Auricular Acupuncture (AA) for Work Related Illness (WRI); Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) and Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD).

  • Carina Harkin.
  • Published: December 31, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 153-158.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.auricular-acupuncture-aa-for-work-related-illness-wri-musculoskeletal-disorders-msd-and-stress-anxiety-and-depression-sad
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Research Article

Renoprotective, Hypoglycemic, and Hypolipidemic Effects of Argan (Argania Spinosa L.) Oil in Male Rats Exposed to Cadmium.

  • Mujahid M Al-Muqati, Isam M Abu Zeid and Naser A Al-Kenani.
  • Published: December 31, 2019; Volume 4 Issue 1: 159-168.
  • DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2020.04.renoprotective-hypoglycemic-and-hypolipidemic-effects-of-argan-argania-spinosa-l-oil-on-male-rats-exposed-to-cadmium
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