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Volume 8 Issue 7


Revolutionizing Cosmetic Dentistry with Botox and Fillers: Current Trends

Faraed D Salman

Published: June 01, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 01-02.

Research Article

Validation of the Exposure Time of 90 mm TSA Plates for Environmental Monitoring

Ludovica Borghesi, Giosiana Benesso Marco Redaelli and Giovanni Abramo

Published: June 03, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 03-09.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1839

Review Article

Early-onset heart attacks are rampant! How to curb?

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 04, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 10-16.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1840

Review Article

Do Genes Dictate Our Nutrient Needs?

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 04, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 17-22.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1841

Review Article

Perspective of the Use of Hamlet as Palliative in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Arturo Araujo-Conejo and Gloria G Guerrero M

Published: June 04, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 23-29.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1842

Short Communication

A Healthy Gut Means Clearer Skin

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 05, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 39-42.

Research Article

Tibial Fractures Complicated with Compartment Syndrome – Clinical and Histological Aspects

Cristina Patru, Alexandru Lisias Dimitriu, Nicolae Marian Ciurea, Prodan Alina Mihaela, Dragos Ene and Razvan Ene

Published: June 10, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 63-70.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1849

Case Report

An Interesting Case of Peripancreatic Pancreatic Mass

Nayan Gajghate, Mohd Shaad Shaikh, Keshavi Mehta, Hely Shah, Divya Pillay and Sanjay Chatterjee

Published: June 10, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 71-75.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1850

Case Report

UP and DOWN Expression of Genes Affects Ion Channels, Oxygen Transport and Mitochondrial Functions in a Case Report of Leigh Syndrome

Gloria G Guerrero-Manríquez, Beatriz Rivera-Aguirre, Dagoberto-Cid Guerrero, Ge`nesis A Mayorquin-Luna, Carlos O Bermúdez-Jiménez, Cesar Gaitán-Fonseca and Luis A Aguilera-Galaviz

Published: June 11, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 76-92.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1851

Research Article

Seborrheic Dermatitis in Dermatological Consultation at the Gabriel Toure University Hospital: Study of 62 Cases

Hermine Meli, Yamoussa Karabinta, Serge Mohamed Touré, Ténin Karambé, Broulaye Traoré, Bakary Simpara and Habibatou Diawara

Published: June 13, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 100-103.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.07.1577

Research Article

Awareness Level and the Challenges of Menopause in Women in Yenagoa Metrolpolis of Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Diri E Gloria and Ighedose O Lucky

Published: June 11, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 93-99.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1852

Research Article

Microbial and Molecular Studies of Microbes in Raw Grouper Fish (Hamoor) in Jeddah Province

Basil S Alnofaie, Mohamed H Zainy and Noor M Bataweel

Published: June 13, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 104-113.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1853

Research Article

Prevalent Use of Banned Medicines in Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Diri E Gloria and Ighedose O Lucky

Published: June 14, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 114-120.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1854

Research Article

A Study to Assess the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Quality of Life Among Adults in Selected Rural Area at Meerut

Nisha G, Sana Praveen, KM Sainki and Infant Rani Augustin

Published: June 17, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 159-167.

Review Article

The Heavy Legacy of the Antibiotic Era

Igor Klepikov

Published: June 19, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 168-175.

Review Article

Rationale of Anulom Vilom, the Practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sharadendu Bali

Published: June 20, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 176-184.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1858

Research Article

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the E-Learning Program: Integral Part of Anemia Mukht Bharat Initiative – A Pilot Study

Hema Divakar, Hrishikesh Pai, Rita Singh, Poorni Narayanan, Sheetal Joshi, Pallavi SP and Gubbi Venkatasubbaiah Divakar

Published: June 20, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 185-190.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1859

Research Article

A Regulation Model of the Drive Servo System of Prosthetic Joint: Pole–Placement Method

Carlos Alvarez Picaza, Alberto D Valdéz, Julián I Veglia, Claudio R Ferrari and Ángel E Piacenza

Published: June 21, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 196-201.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1861

Review Article

A Review of Pleurisy (Dhāt al-Janb) in Perspective of Unani Medicine

Farukh Hasan, Azizur Rahman and Sayma Anjum

Published: June 25, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 202-207.

DOI: 10.31080/ASMS.2024.08.1862

Review Article

Can Your Genes Change??

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 25, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 208-213.

Mini Review

Risky Things that Happen When you Skip a Meal!

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 27, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 226-229.

Research Article

Genes Govern the Acceptance or Rejection of a Transplant!

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 27, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 230-242.

Review Article

How Much of Coffee is Risk-Free for You? The Answer Lies in Your Genes

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 28, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 243-249.

Review Article

Your Genes Can Help You Choose a Suitable Sport

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 28, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 250-256.

Review Article

Genes Can Express Injury Propensity and Recovery Pace in Sports

Dr. Anusha Sunder

Published: June 28, 2024; Volume 8 Issue 7: 257-265.


Acceptance rate30%
Acceptance to publication20-30 days
Impact Factor1.403

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By far the most professional people I had the honour to work with. They care for the Doctors and make sure that they build good communication between them and the Doctors. They are pleasant, professional and I hope the best for this publication, because honestly, I have worked with several publications before, and ACTA are the only ones who make sure you are comfortable with the work ethics and make sure your articles are well published! This is a great organization through and through, and if I faced any difficulties, they make sure I get a smooth round off. Honoured to have had the pleasure working and collaborating with all of you!

Priya Mukherjee

Good work experience.
Miss Sadhana Singh is really good at her work and very helpful towards queries!
It was a pleasure working with acts! Thank you.:)

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REVIEW. My opinion on the publication service. I have acquainted with the scientific publications of the Journal of Acta Scientific Microbiology and came to the conclusion: the articles are diverse, cover the latest achievements in the fields of Microbiology (especially medical), virology of immunology, bacteriology, ecology and their interaction with man and the environment. I liked their depth of research. I am pleased to publish my work in this journal, although I publish it in other journals. In this journal, scientists receive Certificates for their work. Sincerely yours Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Valentina Divocha

Mohlab Al Sammarraie

Very professional organization, always on time and follow up quickly. I was so bussy with work but they were so patient and very cooperative.

Sutapa Basu

Peer reviewed and Quick publication. Good articles, easily accessible

Bharat Joshi

Nice journal and very cooperative and friendly publication team.

Pramod Prasad

Freely available research and review articles with broader coverage of the area. Publishes good quality research findings that are reviewed and edited by some renowned researchers from across the globe.

Dr.Sadaf Rahman

Hi... m from neighbourhood country Pakistan,I have wonderful personal experience of ACTA scientific Ophthalmology Journal entire Editorial Board, There is strong sincerity coordination with up date processing step by every mail helps author would work with zeal & zest.

Nahla Al-Bayyari

Bright future is expected for the AS Nutritional Health Journal. It is publish strong Scholarly Articles featuring current research in Nutritional Health.

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I have a very good experience with your journal. I wish success in every aspect of journey of Journal.

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A wonderful experience with Acta Scientific Publications so far, both as reviewer and author. Journals provide a fast review and publication process.

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Acta Scientific publications service very good and Fast processing and need. The response and clarification made very fast and smooth great work Acta Scientific publications service Team.

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Peer reviewed and Quick publication. Good articles, easily and freely accessible with broad convergence.

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Good stuff and different abilities for publication.

Prof. Dr. Serkan GÜRLÜK

Swift and logical communication. I am very happy with you.

Alok Agrawal

This publication house provides a variety and good quality of journals to the research community.

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Publishes a variety of medical science journals .freely accessible to all..

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Really an excellent platform for research and thoughts exchange.

Chanchal Pramanik

It was a good experience to publish with you!

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The publication process in Acta Scientific is very active. The review process is fast enough. My experience with the journal Acta Scientific Agriculture is quite impressive. The best thing I have experienced that, the responses from Senior Managing Editor is very quick and co-operative. I liked it very much and wish this journal can grow to a high level in future.

Jeyaraman Madhan

Friendly publication with earlier decision and acceptance of the manuscripts.

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I have very good experience with Acta Scientific Publications with all its branches like pediatric, neuro etc.They are prompt in their communication and reasonable in charges.

Raouf Toualbi

A remarkable journal, open to all, a very professional and competent team. I wish this magazine every success and I congratulate all the members for the good work they are doing and especially Ms. Sadhana Singh.


I am Dr.Ravichandran, Associate Professor in Chemistry from Lovely Professional University. At the outset I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Acta Scientific Publications for having given me the honor to be the Editorial Board member. They publish only scientific research papers/ articles with valuable and innovative information in recent and emerging fields. I appreciate their continuous services which are highly organized, commendable and professional. I am highly recommending this AS publications to all the active researchers to send their research findings for peer review and visible publication. I am very eagerly looking for a long term association with AS Publishers.

Samir Das

AS Veterinary Science Journal is very useful journal for progressive farmers, students, faculty, scientist and other stakeholders as this journal regularly publishes research article, popular article and review article on Veterinary Sciences and Animal Sciences. Rating would be 4.75 out of 5.00. So, I wish all the best for this journal and the publisher for rendering great service in the field of veterinary science and animal husbandry for the nation.

ankit sharma

Acta Scientific is a good platform for publishing and referring the articles. Had good experience in working with experienced keen reviewer team, they quickly responded the queries. Helping in each and every aspect for publishing the article. Highly recommended.

Константин Бугаевский

The quality of processing and submission of articles in the journal is very high! You are great! Great job! I really liked it!!! Thank you so much for the work you have done! I am ready to continue cooperation with you! Please tell me where on the site (in which section) you should post my review of the work you have done.

V.V. Potii

An excellent journal in which only highly informative scientific articles are carefully selected and published, allowing you to receive new valuable information on many diseases. Fast, well-coordinated work of the editorial board leaves only good impressions. Thank you for the appreciation of my article and the opportunity to become a member of the editorial board.

Ioannis Vossinakis

Excellent open-access, peer reviewed journal (Acta Scientific Orthopaedics). Quick and professional manuscript processing, interesting articles, great communication with authors.

Ryspek Usubamatov

Acta Scientific is an internationally progressive publishing group with active and leading staff that collects original articles. The publications of Acta Scientific are dedicated to unsolvable problems that have global interests and inspire scientists to bring the knowledge. Editors of the Acta Scientific work purposefully and insistently with the aim to publish articles of advanced science. The contents of journals attract the vast circle of inquisitive readers and challenge discussions where indifferent are out.

Chakradhar Maddela Neonatologist

Excellent peer reviewed international indexed journal for publishing one's own research work. My work was published in toto and without any alterations and within 1 to 2 months. I got regular feedback and update about the position of my papers both by email and by WhatsApp messages. I recommend this journal ASPE for publishing research work in paediatrics and paediatric sub-specialities.

Dr Jigar Patel

Acta Scientific Publication provides excellent platform for the researchers. The dedicated team corrects our errors with keen reviews. Their communication is very supportive and provide decent time for correction. No doubt it's the most emerging publication house in recent times.

kathiravan Arcgroup

AS Microbiology Journal reflect the power of research and the Quality of the Journal. Thanks to Chief Editor and other Editors, Reviews and other staffs.

POTII, Viktoriia

An excellent journal that publishes new data on various medical problems. Thank you for the prompt and well-coordinated work of the editorial board.

Shalvi Srivastava

It is an amazing platform to publish and refer articles and recent research information. Had a good experience working with Acta Scientific Publications. Highly recommended!!

Dr Ravi

Its really good platform for publishing your article at international level. They quick responsive and ratings of the journal are going high with unique and quality publications.

Tangram Languages (Victor)

It is a privilege having some studies published in the magazine. I hope to send further papers soon. The journal consistently offers good quality papers and keeps improving. Relationship with the editorial board is amicable and informative. It is part of the Acta Scientific International Open Library initiative and offers democratic availability both to authors and readers. As a member of the peer-reviewing board of the magazine, I am also a testimony to the quality of papers and peer-reviewing. Relationship and communication with all editorial personal were always cordial, ethical, and friendly. All relevant information to authors and readers is available on the magazine's website for immediate consultation and the editorial bodies at immediate reach. The website and the companion journals are well programmed and visually attractive. It is an honour to be connected to a magazine that offers such moral standards. Always keep up the good work!

Haqua Wellness

As a researcher, and founder of Haqua Revitalize Therapy (HART), also coined , Haquapathy ; Haquapathic Medicine (HAM), and President & CEO of Haqua Wellness, Virginia, USA; I had the honour to be an editorial board member of the ACTA Scientific Neurology since February 2019, until present time. I published series of articles with the said journal. Since then, all their services are highly professional, accurate, fast, and well organised. I strongly encourage any researchers not to hesitate sending their articles for peer review and publication with ACTA Scientific.

Dra JuárezR

It seems to be an excellent option to publish and consult articles and information, it is an International research journal that Publishes articles on Multidisciplinary fields, it has double-blind peer review, it also has eminent reviewers and an editorial committee committed to its work and research.

Abdulsamed KÜKÜRT

Thank you for your professional and solution-oriented approach. I hope to work with you again on future projects.

Saira Ajmal

Acta Scientific is an International platform for publication of your valuable research. Acta scientific plays its role in publishing unique articles with an accentuation on most recent exploration discoveries. Acta Scientific tries to bring famous researched data across the globe into light and plans to construct an effective platform. Acta scientific team is very fast, co-operative and well oriented. I’m honoured to be a part of this international and well reputed oragnization.

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This is a high quality journal and it is my honor to be working with such professional people.

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