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Review Article Volume 2 Issue 6

Gleason Measures, Quasiparticles and Geometries

Gudrun Kalmbach HE*

MINT (Mathematic Informatics Naturewissenchaften, Technic), Bad Woerishofen, Germany

*Corresponding Author: Gudrun Kalmbach HE, MINT (Mathematic Informatics Naturewissenchaften, Technic), Bad Woerishofen, Germany.

Received: March 16, 2020; Published: May 12, 2020



 In the quantum range the newly introduced nuclear forces and the findings in the (quasi-)particle range allow a new mathematical treatment than 100 years ago. Measurements for quasiparticles are new, geometries are mostly through projective extended octonions and shapes. The figures: Fano memo shows the measures, the hedgehog figure the energy exchange of a nucleon with its environment, the inner dynamics of them is illustrated in the next figures, an energy evolution follows and mass of nucleon is special and general relativistic reset through Einstein‘s mass-frequency equation.

Keywords: Gleason Measure; Quasiparticle; Projective Geometry



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Citation: Gudrun Kalmbach HE. “Gleason Measures, Quasiparticles and Geometries”. Acta Scientific Women's Health 2.6 (2020): 05-10.


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Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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