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Research Article Volume 4 Issue 10

Chemical and Mineral Composition of Biscuit Produced from Wheat and Bambara Groundnut Flour

Adegbanke OR*, Osundahunsi OF and Enujiugha VN

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author: Adegbanke OR, Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria.

Received: August 08, 2020; Published: September 11, 2020



  The aim of this study was to determine the potential of bambara groundnut, an under utilised legume for use both as flour and protein isolate in biscuit production. Sixteen response surface methodology (RSM) runs were evaluated from combination of wheat flour (WF), bambara groundnut flour (BF) and bambara protein isolate (BPI). Based on the crude protein and functional properties these ratios were selected WF: BF (85.0:15.0%, 76.2:23.8% and 52.5:47.5%) and labeled as WBF1, WBF2, WBF3, respectively with WF: BPI (85.0:15.0%, 76.2:23.8% and 52.5:47.5%) as WBPI1, WBPI2 and WBPI3 for blends of wheat flour and bambara protein isolate respectively. The proximate and mineral composition of the composite flour blends and biscuits were determined. Data were analysed using one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and significance at P < 0.05. The wheat-bambara groundnut flour, wheat-bambara groundnut protein isolate and biscuits contained (g/100g) moisture (9.43-9.63), (1.64-3.59), (6.70-7.60), (4.00-5.70), total ash (0.79-1.76), (2.83-3.37), (1.00-170), (2.50-2.80) and crude protein, wheat-bambara groundnut flour (14.41-21.67), wheat-bambara groundnut protein isolate (32.42-61.10) and biscuits (15.30-20.10) (26.20-46.20) g/100g were recorded respectively. The carbohydrate content for wheat-bambara flour (62.47-66.75) g/100g, wheat-bambara protein isolate flour (31.56-61.21) g/100g and biscuits (63.10-67.00), (40.50-5750) g/100g. The mineral composition (mg/100g): sodium ranged from (442.06 to 960.36) for wheat-bambara composite flour, biscuit (3.12-4.77) and calcium ranged from (94.33-494.88) for wheat-bambara composite flour, biscuit (2.08-3.82) respectively. Among the trace metals, copper ranged between for wheat-bambara composite flour (14.80-35.11), biscuit (0.04-0.06) and manganese ranged between for wheat-bambara composite flour (8.00-26.03), biscuit (0.21-0.31) were high in the composite flour and low in the biscuit samples. Lead was not detected in both the flour samples and the biscuit. The calculated mineral ratios Na/K of the composite flour was (0.24-0.41) and biscuits (0.58- 0.92) respectively. Ca/P ratio for wheat-bambara composite flour (1.07-2.42) and biscuit (2.00- 2.47). The Ca/P ratios in the composite flour and biscuits samples were greater than recommendation of > 1.0, this will help to increase the absorption of calcium on the small intestine. It could be concluded that, the study remarkably developed flour and biscuit with high contents of crude protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

Keywords: Wheat-bambara Groundnut Flour; Wheat-bambara Groundnut Isolate; Proximate; Mineral



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Citation: Adegbanke OR., et al. “Chemical and Mineral Composition of Biscuit Produced from Wheat and Bambara Groundnut Flour".Acta Scientific Nutritional Health 4.10 (2020): 03-09.


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