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Review Article Volume 8 Issue 1

Clinical Leadership in Managing Healthcare Services - A Surgeon’s View Point

Enas Al Alawi*

Director of Evidence Based Medicine and Research Center, Head of Department of Bariatric Surgery - Novomed Medical Centers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

*Corresponding Author: Enas Al Alawi, Director of Evidence Based Medicine and Research Center, Head of Department of Bariatric Surgery -Novomed Medical Centers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Received: December 05, 2023; Published: December 29, 2023


Quality improvement methodologies and clinical governance support effective and efficient clinical leadership to deliver a safe patient centered healthcare. Effective clinical leaders and managers can bring the quality of care provided to patients to high standards and maximum safety. Sound clinical leadership is acquired from experiences in professional life and understanding leadership theories, and the ability to develop mutual respect relationship with the team. Coaching, mentoring and empowering the team is amongst the most crucial roles of successful clinical leaders, all of which are part of the science of ‘clinical governance’ and ‘quality and safety’.

 Keywords: Quality; Clinical Governance; Safety


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Citation: Enas Al Alawi. “Clinical Leadership in Managing Healthcare Services - A Surgeon’s View Point”.Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 8.1 (2024): 122-127.


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