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Research Article Volume 6 Issue 4

Clinical Characteristics of Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19 in a Tertiary Hospital in Cali, Colombia

Mónica Chávez Vivas1*, José Rafael Tovar Cuevas2, Antonio José Tascón3, Lina María Ibañez Correa4 and Armando Lucumí Moreno5

1Professor Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Libre, Seccional Cali, Research Group Gimmein, Universidad Libre, Colombia
2Professor School of Statistics, Faculty of Engenieering, Universidad del Valle, Colombia
3Professor Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Libre, Seccional Cali, Scientific Director, Intensive Care Unit, Clínica Versalles, Cali, Colombia
4Epidemiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Libre Seccional Cali, Intensive Care Unit, Clínica Versalles, Cali, Colombia
5Professor Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Libre, Seccional Cali, Research Group Microambiente Libre, Universidad Libre, Colombia

*Corresponding Author: Mónica Chávez Vivas, Professor Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Libre, Seccional Cali, Research Group Gimmein, Universidad Libre, Colombia.

Received: January 28, 2022; Published: March 14, 2022


Introduction: SARS-CoV-2 infection is spreading around the world, including countries from Latin America. The purpose of the study was to assess clinical characteristics of patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection in a tertiary hospital in Cali, Colombia and to establish the factors associated with hospitalization and death of patients.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective descriptive study was carried out from 890 medical records of positive patients for COVID-19. Variables associated with hospitalization and event of death from COVID 19 were considered in the data analysis. Chi-square association tests and logistic regression models were used to establish the factors associated with the events of interest.

Results: Mean age of the patients was 36.5 years and 62.5% were women. The overall in-hospital mortality rate was 3.8%. The comorbidities that were associated with mortality were COPD, malnutrition, hypertension and obesity (p < 0.05). Our study shows that the variables age over 60 years (p < 0.001, OR = 6.2, CI = 2.3-16.9), dyspnea (p = 0.028, OR = 1.69, CI = 1.4 -10.9) and respiratory failure (p < 0.001, OR = 5.7, CI 1.9-7.6) were identified as independent predictors of hospital mortality.

Conclusion: The predictors of hospitalization were related to advanced age, male sex, and the presence of at least one symptom and an underlying comorbidity. However, elderly patients with COPD or malnutrition, hypertension, obesity, dyspnea, and respiratory failure are at increased risk of mortality.

Keywords: COVID-19; SAR-COV-2; Epidemiology; Clinical Characteristics; Risk Factors; Mortality; Hospitalization


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Citation: Mónica Chávez Vivas., et al. “Clinical Characteristics of Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19 in a Tertiary Hospital in Cali, Colombia”.Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 6.4 (2022): 79-89.


Copyright: © 2022 Mónica Chávez Vivas., et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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