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Research Article Volume 7 Issue 6

Study of the Nutritional Properties of Broths Based on Soumbara (Nere Parkia biglobosa) and Products of Animal Origin (Beef, Chicken, Fish And Shrimp) in the Republic of Guinea - Conakry

Abdoulaye Sankhon1*, Ousmane Sangare2, Tiakpa Loua1, Mamadou Alimou Balde1 and Morlaye M'Bemba Sylla1

1ITAG Institute of Food Technology of Guinea, Guinea
2ISFAD, Guinea

*Corresponding Author: Abdoulaye Sankhon, ITAG Institute of Food Technology of Guinea, Guinea.

Received: February 21, 2023; Published: May 12, 2023


This study was conducted to determine the physicochemical parameters of soumbara recipes based on beef, chicken, shrimp and bonga smoked fish produced at the Guinea Food Technology Institute (ITAG) to contribute to the (nutritional) improvement of the food of the populations. For the physicochemical composition, the average water content is between 6.97% for soumbara with beef; 4.95% for soumbara with smoked fish; 8.93% for soumbara with chicken and 11.34% for soumbara with shrimp. The Lipid contents are respectively: 27.03%; 19.22%; 29.65% and 13.09%. The carbohydrate contents are: 1.37% soumbara with beef and 1.08% soumbara with shrimp. The protein contents are respectively: 10.86%; 23.69%; 37.04% and 8.47%. The Ash contents are respectively: 0.03%; 0.07%; 0.03% and 0.02%. For PH the values are respectively: 3.04; 3.04; 3.03 and 2.03. The average acidity contents are respectively: 2.55%; 4.04%; 2.03% and 2.03%.

Keywords: Soumbara; Nutritional Properties; Broth; Animal Products and Ingredients


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Citation: Abdoulaye Sankhon., et al. “Study of the Nutritional Properties of Broths Based on Soumbara (Nere Parkia biglobosa) and Products of Animal Origin (Beef, Chicken, Fish And Shrimp) in the Republic of Guinea - Conakry". Acta Scientific Agriculture 7.6 (2023): 24-28.


Copyright: © 2023 Abdoulaye Sankhon., et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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Acceptance to publication20-30 days
Impact Factor1.014

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