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Review Article Volume 4 Issue 7

Precious Supply Chain Management of Onion (Allium cepa L) by Examining the Production, Quality Expansion and Market Analysis for Food Safety

Sidhartha Kar*

Scientist (Horticulture), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kandhamal, Odisha, India

*Corresponding Author: Sidhartha Kar, Scientist (Horticulture), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kandhamal, Odisha, India.

Received: June 03, 2020; Published: June 09, 2020



 Onion is an important and indispensable vegetable in kitchen as condiment and vegetable which captures an extensive internal as well as external market. The green leaves matured and immature bulbs are eaten raw or used in preparation of vegetables. It is used as salad and cooked in various ways, in all curries fries boiled or scorched onion. It is also used in processed form e.g. flakes, powder, paste, pickles and some seasoning foods. It is valued much on account of its characteristics pungency which is due to presence of sulphur compound (Ally propyl disulphide). It possesses some important medicinal properties. The organic onion is flourishing mainly due to consumer choice. The organic onion is much preferred than traditionally grown. It makes an increase in varieties and selection of onion in retail, supermarket and restaurant. The market plays an important role in determining the pattern as well as the pace of diversification in favor of high-value crops like onion. An increase in production is of little value unless there is a good marketing system. Keeping the above view a research analysis on “Precious supply chain management of onion (Allium cepa l) by examining the production, quality expansion and market analysis for food safety” was carried out and found among two zones selected such as eastern coastal plateau zone and mid central table land zone, Mid central table land zone found most suitable for onion farming and fulfilling all most all farming requirements. Effect of organic nutrient and botanical pesticides on onion applied, the best onion varieties response to vermi compost (50%) that is 2 t/ha + NPK (50:50:50) 50 Kg each/ha was remarkable and best organic treatment. Effect of cultivation of different onion varieties found best results with onion variety Agri found Dark Red which has got best results in concern to growth and yield. Effect of integrated weed management on weed density, Dry matter weight of weeds and weed control efficiency found best results with weed control treatment one hand weeding at 20 Days After Transplanting + Ridge and furrow making (6” X 6”) length X breadth in onion variety N-53. Market survey found best results with variation within experimental period of time analysis found Bhubaneswar has lowest variations of onion price from wholesale to retail sell price. And also experimental State have best control over onion price hike during the market research and experiment year that is survey results from year 2013 - 2017. Supply chain management models analyses it is concluded that onion SCM developed after survey that is a new model from research to different marketing channel partner involvement and then grass root label point coverage’s prepared and samples are tested in field found best results. E-Onion marketing and digitalization found a new and best technology to reduce marketing costs and examined during experiment founds best response among primary, secondary and tertiary stock holders. Among different onion farming treatments integrated organic onion production technology found best economic results in comparison to conventional onion farming technology that is C:B = 1.97 (Cost Benefit ratio) and net returns are best with organic onion production technology that is Rs. 1,95,802/- (Rs/ha).

Keywords: SCM Onion; Onion Varietal Performance; Organic Onion; Onion Market



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Citation: Sidhartha Kar. “Precious Supply Chain Management of Onion (Allium cepa L) by Examining the Production, Quality Expansion and Market Analysis for Food Safety". Acta Scientific Agriculture 4.7 (2020): 43-53.


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