Acta Scientific Pharmaceutical Sciences (ISSN: 2581-5423)

View Point Volume 4 Issue 1

A Little Cancer Story

Daniel Gandia*

Department of Cancer Medicine and IQVIA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

*Corresponding Author: Daniel Gandia, Department of Cancer Medicine and IQVIA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Received: December 05, 2019; Published: December 06, 2019


  The oldest credible evidence of cancer in mammals consists of tumor masses historic times.

  Cancer is a very old fascinating disease indeed, that biologically and teleonomic ally speaking, represents the more complex process for the molecular cellular engine of any animal tissue.

  As a human being, you can undergo a bacterial infection, and this is not related to your own cells as Cancer is. Even when the cancer disease begins asa “one cell” process, posteriorly in its evolution, it becomes “a tissue one”.





Citation: Daniel Gandia. "A Little Cancer Story".Acta Scientific Pharmaceutical Sciences 4.1 (2020): 16-17.


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