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Research Article Volume 6 Issue 1

A Study on Initial Arterial Blood Gas in Acute Asthmatic Children in Karnataka India

Edwin Dias* and Vedant Praveen Shetty

Senior Adjunct Professor, Srinivas University and Professor and HOD, SIMS and RC, Director of Research and Publication SIMS and RC, India

*Corresponding Author: Edwin Dias, Senior Adjunct Professor, Srinivas University and Professor and HOD, SIMS and RC, Director of Research and Publication SIMS and RC, India.

Received: November 16, 2022; Published: December 30, 2022


Arterial blood gas sampling is a very important investigation in the assessment of a patient’s acid-base status and oxygenation in acute and chronic bronchial asthma. It is the gold standard test which measures amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as the pH of the blood while it also evaluates the effective delivery of oxygen to the blood by the lungs and effective elimination of the carbon dioxide by the lungs. Arterial blood gas analysis is done using a Blood gas analyzer with the blood sample (2 ml heparinized) drawn from the radial or ulnar arteries. The results are obtained within 125 seconds. The present study conducted on 40 patients aims at assessing the blood gas status in individuals with acute and chronic bronchial asthma. The cumulative analysis of all the three parameters considered in this study show a significant variation in pH between acute and chronic asthma with a P value <0.001, a significant variation in PaCO2 with a P value <0.001 showing a tendency to hypercapnia in severe acute asthma and with a tendency towards hypocapnia in chronic bronchial asthma. There are very few studies on chronic bronchial asthma. A comparison between severe acute and chronic bronchial asthma showed a variable pH in acute cases depending on the severity of the airways obstruction, showing cases of both respiratory acidosis and respiratory alkalosis. While in chronic bronchial asthma the pH was within a narrow range with no cases of acidosis and a moderate number of cases showing respiratory alkalosis.

Keywords: ABG; Acute Bronchial Asthma; Chronic Bronchial Asthma; Hypercapnia; Hypocapnia Respiratory Acidosis and Respiratory Alkalosis


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Citation: Edwin Dias and Vedant Praveen Shetty. “A Study on Initial Arterial Blood Gas in Acute Asthmatic Children in Karnataka India”. Acta Scientific Paediatrics 6.1 (2023): 14-16.


Copyright: © 2022 Edwin Dias and Vedant Praveen Shetty. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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Acceptance to publication20-30 days
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