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Case Report Volume 5 Issue 4

Primary Endobronchial and Mediastinal Synovial Sarcoma in a Young Female

Dr. Krishna Kumar M, Dr. Vishwanathan M. Dr. Anand Kumar .B, Dr. Senthilnathan.V. Dr. Rajarama Ravi Varma.N

1Professor of Radiology, Department of Radio-diagnosis. Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre. Irungalur, Trichy, India
2Postgraduate Student and Junior Resident, Department of Radio-diagnosis. Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre. Irungalur, Trichy, India
3Senior Resident, Department of Radio-diagnosis. Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre. Irungalur, Trichy, India

*Corresponding Author: Krishna Kumar M, Professor of Radiology, Department of Radio-Diagnosis, Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Irungalur, Trichy, India.

Received: February 16, 2022; Published: March 30, 2022


Primary thoracic synovial sarcomas (SS) typically occur as chest wall masses, although they rarely arise in the lung and pleura. Primary pulmonary and mediastinal SS is very uncommon in comparison with metastatic sarcoma and might arise in the tracheobronchial tree manifesting as an endoluminal mass, generally in adults. Signs and symptoms may additionally consist of wheezing, persistent pneumonia, bronchial asthma, chest ache, recurrent cough, atelectasis, hemoptysis, and weight loss. Because of the heterogeneity of signs and symptoms, clinical diagnosis may be tough. Herein, we present a case of primary endobronchial and mediastinal SS in a young female presenting with cough and expectoration associated with haemoptysis and breathlessness on exertion for 1 week with particular emphasis on the radiologic and pathologic findings of this rare lesion.

Keywords: Endobronchial Tumour; Mediastinal Tumour; Pulmonary Synovial Sarcoma; Primary Pulmonary and Mediastinal Synovial Sarcoma; Small Round Cell Tumour; Tracheobronchial Tumour


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Citation: Krishna Kumar M., et al. “Primary Endobronchial and Mediastinal Synovial Sarcoma in a Young Female".Acta Scientific Paediatrics 5.4 (2022): 32-37.


Copyright: © 2022 Krishna Kumar M., et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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