Acta Scientific Paediatrics (ISSN: 2581-883X)

Editorial Volume 3 Issue 1

The Health Related Issues Among Children in India

Sanjay Jayawant Rode*

Department of Economics, Mumbai University, India

*Corresponding Author: Sanjay Jayawant Rode, Department of Economics, Mumbai University, India.

Received: November 28, 2019; Published: January 01, 2020


  In India, most of the marriages are taking place at early age. The legal Age at marriage for girls is eighteen years but it is ignored in most of the cases. The girls in poor families are forced to get married early. The newly married women do not know much about the contraceptive methods. They end up with early pregnancy due lack of contraceptive use and knowledge. They do not try to visit to health care facilities and get the contraceptive knowledge. They do not eat nutritious food, take rest and go to health care centres regularly. The family members do not support them in weight gain during pregnancy and visit to health care facilities. The pregnant women required register with health care facilities for antenatal care. They must visit at least three times during pregnancy. But most of the pregnant women work with the family member without going for pre-natal care. In pre-natal visits, doctors check foetus growth, weight gain of women and provide iron folic acid tables. But most of poor pregnant women do not gain wait during pregnancy. The deliveries of such poor women takes place at home where heath care staff is not present. Infections are rampant at home due to lack of cleanliness and primary care. Any infections during delivery to mother or child leads to illness and death of mother and child. There are no emergency services available up to hospitals in rural areas. The children of the poor women do not get adequate nutrition. Women do not know about exclusive breastfeeding and childcare. After delivery, the poor women prepare food for family, carry drinking water and work in the farm. The women do not get time to rest, breastfeed children. Children are growing without food, care, medicines. Women do not get time to recover body after delivery. Most of the time, they miss the breastfeeding to children and they work for more hours in farm and informal sectors. Contraceptive requirements are not discussed with health care facilities or doctors. Health care staff do not visit in rural and urban areas. It results in another pregnancy among poor women. Children of such women remain underweight, stunted and wasted. Children’s are playing in surrounding areas. They met with dirty water and mud. They do not wash hand and mouth, leg and often get contact with various infections, diarrhoea, and fever. If such infections are not treated on time then they end up with different diseases at early ages. Women of lower socio-economic background with lower education background suffer from lack of knowledge of childcare. They do not know the exclusive breastfeeding, supplementary feeding and cleanliness. Women’s are busy with daily chores and taking care of other members of the family.





Citation: Sanjay Jayawant Rode. “The Health Related Issues Among Children in India”.Acta Scientific Paediatrics 3.2 (2020): 01-02.


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