Acta Scientific Orthopaedics (ISSN: 2581-8635)

Short Communication Volume 5 Issue 12

Muscle Cramp (EAMC)

Hunain Zak*

Department of Physiotherapy, Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Pakistan

*Corresponding Author:Hunain Zaki, Department of Physiotherapy, Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Pakistan.

Received: September 20, 2022; Published: November 10, 2022


A cramp is defined as a rapid, painful squeezing or contraction of a muscle that lasts seconds to minutes and is accompanied by a palpable hard knot in the affected muscle. the cramps are classified into three types the first one is para physiological, second is symptomatic and the third is idiopathic. the exercise-associated muscle cramp (EAMC) is a temporary but intense and painful involuntary contraction of skeletal muscle occurring during or soon after a period of physical activity. (What has to go here) is a symptomatic cramp. EAMC is a musculoskeletal condition characterized by involuntary spasm of the calves, hamstring and the foot muscles that occur unexpectedly, episodically and are continuously uncomfortable.



Citation: Hunain Zaki. “Muscle Cramp (EAMC)". Acta Scientific Orthopaedics 5.12 (2022): 57.


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