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Short Communication Volume 3 Issue 1

The Use of an Internet “Expert System” to Improve Income for an Orthopedic Surgeon

Nelson Hendler*

Former Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Past President-American Academy of Pain Management

*Corresponding Author: Former Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Past President-American Academy of Pain Management.

Received: December 16, 2019; Published: December 26, 2019


  For most orthopedic surgeons, evaluating chronic pain patients is often time-consuming and frustrating. There are many complicating factors, since often legal issues cloud the evaluation, and medication can become a problem as well, for both the physician and patient. Therefore, a tested evaluation method, from leading hospitals in the country, could prove helpful.



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Citation: Nelson Hendler. “The Use of an Internet “Expert System” to Improve Income for an Orthopedic Surgeon"Acta Scientific Orthopaedics 3.1 (2020): 23-26.


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