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Case ReportVolume 4 Issue 3

Illuminating on the Mysteries of Your Body

Edward A Skoufi*

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology Department, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center of Athens “Hygeia”, Greece

*Corresponding Author: Edward A Skoufi, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ophthalmology Department, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center of Athens “Hygeia”, Greece.

Received: January 06, 2021; Published: February 16, 2021

Citation: Edward A Skoufi. “Illuminating on the Mysteries of Your Body”. Acta Scientific Ophthalmology 4.3 (2021): 33-35.


  The human body is different but at the same time unique (as general consensus ). Is essential to know your body in details, to translate and interpret anything about it and to cooperate with it. Really believe that is marvelously complex machine, but not “futuristic”, not perpetual with specified capacity. Therefore you need to be always "its ally”, respecting its integrity, in broader context to have actually information which is needed to improve human body care protecting actually by a gamme of viruses and microbial impacts. Purpose: To describe as accurate as possible, my concepts for knowing the human body and how should you translate and perceive it, and how you could protect it.

Keywords: Human Body; Mysteries; Knowing; Education; Study; Protection


  Since the Hellenic antiquity, Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, put forward the utilitarian modern thesis that … " positive complete health requires knowledge of primary constitution of the body by man himself " [1,2]. “Know thyself” suggested wisely Socrates philosopher [3]. Cannot separate knowledge of your body from the knowledge of yourself, are two interlinked notions. The human body really is fascinating, is “wonderful machine”, that it is important to know correctly in order to take care of it … Interpretation of the “features” of your body, reading of “the body language”, does not require a “special medical level”, but a dynamic, extended investigation. It is integral to your overall health and to your high education. Knowing, listening the body systems, a “treasure of mysteries” and how they interact with each other is important, because it constructs and promotes health and prosperity. But it is quite diverse and complex, so there can be no generally, strictly “recipes” but only individual ones. Any body system has roles and functions, that have an impact on other system one. Every human body has the potent and adynamic points, visible and invisible, expressive or not confirming the “genetic spots”. Therefore you must become a “partner and investor“ for your body. This does not mean at all “ integration of the diagnostic role from doctor to individual” ! It is principle but also logical to consider all the experiences that your body has allowed you to have and analyze them predictable. To properly understand these “magnificent experiences”, you need to create insistently the right concepts for the body as “unity”. Inspection of your body is included in the educational aspect. Exploring your body is like a smart “virtual endoscopy”. Many people believe that their body is so “complex and complicated“, that it is impossible to investigate without a medical license.

Figure 1: Body scheme.

  It is imperative and significant to study your body in details and continuously. Each person's body is special, different, which indicates the polymorphism of medical strategy. The importance of knowing the “body biotype” is in context an essential in world of health, fitness and rejuvenation, that suits what knowing your own body structure and the metabolism type to precede your” motivation standards”, that to survive without surprisingly of “illusory happiness”. Studying the composition of your body helps yourself to see elements that you cannot identify in an ordinary “blind routine”. Coordinate your preferences with predispositions of the your organism, by establishing strictly the “harmonious relations” between the feelings and the biotype of the organism. By carefully identifying your body, you can serve as “barrier”, not only by renewing the lifestyle with fitness, but also by informing the respective doctor with basic data, on which the diagnosis and therapeutic tactics that will be based. So this serves to some extent as a “pre preventive and pre diagnostic” step, as far as it is possible.

Figure 2: Asclepius.

  Recall here the philosophical aphorism of Asclepius (god of medicine): "choose any place at the top of a sphere to look down, from it you cannot see what is hidden at the “bottom of it" [4].

  Any format between neglecting or ignoring the features of specificity of your organism can be converted at any time into an “unpredictable reaction, until the provocation of any pathology”! The sooner and more substantial is the discovery of "body secretes”, the more valuable will be the benefits to good health and a right way to give to your body "respect and care", improving the life quality. The way that view your body, the body image is the instance impacts, the amount of confidence you have. Remember that what is precious for one organism may be not the same for an another. Illuminating on “genetic makeup” and understanding how to operate with it, instead of against it, is really important. You need and can discover the your “body enigma”, before and after the scene, not only as, an option but also as a reflection. For example Glaucoma represent a “part of the spectrum of systemic vascular abnormalities”, where interfere multiple intrinsic and extrinsic factors, that a part of them could be self controlled only when are well known [5]. Convert the questions of this “superstitious puzzle” in a competent personal opinion. By tuning in to your body data, confronting its "retrospective stigmas” and valuing in details its "fragile points", monitoring intently your symptoms, become the immune system's support against any unidentified virus. Maintain the “somatico - spiritual equilibrium”, away from probable consequences. Decipher the "signals" of your body, the indicative sequences, (especially different non -verbal oculo cerebral signals) and use them wisely, to make your health and your life happier and more valuable!)

Figure 3: Non -verbal Oculo Cerebral signals.

  Discovering your body is to focus carefully on “your map (as genetic code reflection) with GPS capabilities”, to be informed why this “perfect machine” is sometimes unable to create required energy. Human body with all of its power of endurance, preserving its ability defending with “immune protective shield”, combating the disease through the sense to convey information, to interpret what is happening in and outside it, as marvelously complex machine, but not “futuristic”, not “perpetual” with specified capacity. Awareness and taking action based on what you notice in your body are essential!

  Especially today when it confront with a “biogenetic war”, with “ revenge ” of nature and the environment, with “technological paranoia” or their collage [6], related of viruses impacts, targeting to SARS- Cov-2. Covid-19 demands full attention as tremendous challenge, not at "virus psychosis", because when you converting it to “significant stressor” with continuous distress, creating the background of complex diseases in " nuclear reaction type" [6]. In broader context you must to have synchronic information which is needed to improve human body care protecting and immunity actually by a gamme of viruses and microbial impacts. Therefore you need to be always "its ally", respecting the integrity and particularities of the body, maintaining the status quo.

The journey to knowing your body can be challenging and for long time, changing overtime but it is “true wisdom”!

Adequate attitude towards your body is not only a matter of “mentality” but also an intuitive philosophical point of view.


  "Get to know your body" is the actually emblem of the good health. The emphasis on the importance of knowing the secrets of the body by each of us (are mirror of one to the other), however, begins from the antiquity, preserves current values and riches constantly serving directly to preservation of health and prosperity. Awareness and taking action based on what you notice in your body are essential. Every “message” that go through of your body teaches you something significant. The sooner and more substantial is the discovery of "body secretes", as potential source, more valuable will be the benefits to health quality, safety and its protection. Today, “new era” as well for the health demands creative vision, focusing in human body absorbing the progressive global health strategy depending by economic situation. This is not only a coherent theoretical reference for the “audience”, but synthesize recent important ideas with reflection of experience illustration, prioritizing particularly to “ novel achievements with research sense”.


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Copyright: © 2021 Edward A Skoufi. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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