Acta Scientific Otolaryngology (ASOL)

Case Report Volume 2 Issue 4

Mucopyocele of the Maxillary Sinus: About an Endoscopic Management

Youssef Lakhdar*, Maha Hakimi, Houda Mounji, Mohammed Elbouderkaoui, Othmane Benhoumad, Youssef Rochdi, Hassan Nouri and Abdelaziz Raji

ENT-HNS Department, Mohammed VI University Hospital Center, Marrakech, Morocco

*Corresponding Author: Youssef Lakhdar, ENT-HNS Department, Mohammed VI University Hospital Center, Marrakech, Morocco.

Received: February 29, 2020; Published: February 26, 2020



Introduction: Mucocele is a benign but expansive cystic formation, lined by a respiratory epithelium. When its content is infected it is called a mucopyocele. It usually develops in the frontal-ethmoid complex. The maxillary sinus location is exceptional.

Case Report: A 43 year old man, presented with chronic unilateral nasal obstruction, purulent rhinorrhea and anosmia. Rhinoscopy showed a bulge in the middle meatus. The computed tomography (CT) showed complete filling of the left maxillary with low-density mass. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed the diagnosis of mucpyeocele of the left maxillary sinus. Patient underwent endoscopic endonasal marsupialization with complete recovery.

Conclusion: Mucopyocele of the maxillary sinus is a benign rare lesion, however destructive. A radiological assessment is essential to guide the choice of surgical treatment. The endonasal route remains the reference treatment for this pathology.

Keywords: Maxillary Sinus; Mucopyocele, Mucocele



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Citation: Youssef Lakhdar., et al. “Mucopyocele of the Maxillary Sinus: About an Endoscopic Management". Acta Scientific Otolaryngology 2.4 (2020): .

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