Acta Scientific Otolaryngology (ASOL)

Editorial Volume 2 Issue 2

Parathyroid Adenoma Management: Teamwork and A Paradigm Shift

Mohnish Grover1* and Sweta Lohiya2

1Associate Professor, ENT, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, India
2Consultant, ENT, Kingsway Hospitals, Nagpur, India

*Corresponding Author: Mohnish Grover, Associate Professor, ENT, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, India.

Received: January 08, 2020; Published: January 09, 2020


  An elephant is a strong animal, but when it comes to ants, its trunk proves to be the Achilles heel. Small things can sometimes be so very effective and important. We somehow find this to be analogous to parathyroid glands in our body. These small structures of a few grams control the body in a huge way and their importance becomes evident when they develop some pathology. An impaired calcium metabolism can lead to pathological fractures, renal stones, pancreatitis, gastric reflux, psychiatric symptoms and various other problems.

  Surgery for parathyroid adenomas has somehow remained out of gambit of ENT surgeons. This is interesting, specially because for quite a few years now majority of thyroid surgeries are being done in ENT. In last few years, ENT department in many centres across the world are doing more and more of parathyroid surgeries.



Citation: Mohnish Grover and Sweta Lohiya. “Parathyroid Adenoma Management: Teamwork and A Paradigm Shift". Acta Scientific Otolaryngology 2.2 (2020): 01.


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