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Research Article Volume 2 Issue 1

Surgical Management of Nasolabial Cyst

Rohan Malla Baruah* and Shobhashree Baishya

Department of Otolaryngology, Dr N M B Baruah Nursing Home, Assam, India

*Corresponding Author: Rohan Malla Baruah, Department of Otolaryngology, Dr N M B Baruah Nursing Home, Assam, India.

Received: November 20, 2019; Published: January 07, 2020



Statement of the Problem: Surgical excision via a sublabial approach is considered the standard treatment for nasolabial cysts. Although, transnasal marsupialization has been proposed as an alternative method, we compared the two surgical methods.

Methodology and Theoretical Orientation: 30 patients diagnosed with nasolabial cysts were divided into two groups according to the surgical technique. In the sublabial approach group, the cysts were excised completely using a sublabial approach, while in the transnasal marsupialization group; the cysts were marsupialization transnasally under the guidance of nasal endoscopes. The operating time was measured and postoperative pain was evaluated using a visual analog scale. Complications after the procedure were assessed and recurrence was determined according to the clinical symptoms and postoperative radiologic findings.

Findings: The transnasal marsupialization group had significantly shorter operating time, less postoperative pain, lower complication rate, and shorter duration of side effects than the sublabial approach group. No recurrence occurred in either group after a 1-yr follow-up period.

Conclusion and Significance: Although both methods are effective for treating nasolabial cysts, the transnasal marsupialization of nasolabial cysts has many benefits over the conventional sublabial approach. Therefore, we propose that transnasal marsupialization be the treatment of choice for nasolabial cysts.

Keywords: Nasolabial Cyst; Sublabial Approach; Transnasal Marsupialization



Citation: Rohan Malla Baruah and Shobhashree Baishya. “Surgical Management of Nasolabial Cyst".Acta Scientific Otolaryngology 2.1 (2020): 08-11.


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