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Acta Scientific Computer Sciences

Editorial Volume 3 Issue 2

Virtual Emotions and Robotics Violence

Md. Sadique Shaikh*

Professor, AIMSR, Jalgaon, M.S, India

*Corresponding Author: Md. Sadique Shaikh, Professor, AIMSR, Jalgaon, M.S, India.

Received: November 09, 2020; Published: January 07, 2021


  As the technology field of Artificial Intelligence Engineering, modeling and application becoming rapidly advanced after each next day and in near future as Artificial Intelligence peak Bionic Brain and Humanoid Robotics which are at present also satisfactory but as will reach to Human-like qualities, features and traits in near future mankind will start to expect Humanoid should have to behave, act, response and feel like human beings. At this point Artificial Intelligence and DeepMind designers switching modeling and development to engineer “Feeling in Robots or most precise in Humanoid can be possible to engineer Neural Schemas as exact mimic of Human “Natural Emotion” in the form of “Virtual Emotions” in Robots/Humanoid. When technology hit to height saturation will occur of Artificial Intelligence and the term called “Singularity”.





Citation: Md. Sadique Shaikh. “Virtual Emotions and Robotics Violence”.Acta Scientific Computer Sciences 3.2 (2021): 01.


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