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Review Article Volume 2 Issue 11

Mobile Network Computer Can Interpret the Terminals of Mobile Communication Networks

Guo Zhao-Ming1*, Jiang Yi2 and Bi Shihua2

1Yanan University, School of Physics and Electronic Information, ShaanXi Province, China
2Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, School of Aerospace, Beijing, China

*Corresponding Author: Guo Zhao-Ming, Yanan University, School of Physics and Electronic Information, ShaanXi Province, China.

Received: September 28, 2020; Published: November 07, 2020



  In March 1997, based on the research experience of narrow band mobile data communication system and the concept of “Network Computer - Terminal of Internet” first proposed in 1995 by Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation, the author Zhaoming Guo proposed the concept of “Mobile Network Computer - Mobile Terminal of Internet” in China. In this paper, the concept of mobile network computer has been elaborated by the author based on his many years of experience in the communication and computer software industry. The author points out that modern mobile communication networks should be known as mobile computer networks. He further clarifies that the concept of mobile network computer from the evolution of mobile communication networks and the exposition of IMS technology; this concept better defines modern mobile terminals and reflects the nature of many mobile terminals, which have the structure of an embedded computer and the technological ability of processing multimedia. Based on the general applicability of mobile network computer and the development of Internet of things, the mobile network computer may not just be integrating the functionality of a television set, audio-visual equipment, wireless household appliance, and mobile communication equipment, but it may also be used in manufacturing several intelligent devices in the near future. Thus, we would have intelligent foot rings, smart watches, smart glasses, smart shoes, smart coats, robots etc. in the near future. In conclusion, we have presented an outline of the future information age in terms of network computers and mobile network computers.

Keywords: Mobile Network Computer; Mobile Computer Network; Mobile Communication Network; IMS, 4G, 5G



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Citation: Guo Zhao-Ming., et al. “Mobile Network Computer Can Interpret the Terminals of Mobile Communication Networks". Acta Scientific Computer Sciences 2.12 (2020): 15-20.


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Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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