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Acta Scientific Computer Sciences

Short Communication Volume 2 Issue 11

Online Marketing

Vinay Raj R*

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, India

*Corresponding Author: Vinay Raj R, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, India.

Received: August 24, 2020; Published: October 28, 2020



  Some economists viewed the internet as the vehicle to achieve perfect markets as both buyers and sellers possessed full market knowledge. The result would be a shift in the balance of power towards the customer and a reduction in the ability of suppliers to control or influence market prices. However, in reality market distortions may be still be prevalent when suppliers or controllers of resources continue to retain significant market influence.

Keywords: Prevalent; Influence; Controllers



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Citation: Vinay Raj R. “Online Marketing". Acta Scientific Computer Sciences 2.11 (2020): 50.


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