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Acta Scientific Computer Sciences

Editorial Volume 2 Issue 9

Singularity: The Point of Artificial Intelligence Saturation

Md Sadique Shaikh*

Professor, ISTM, Mumbai, MS, India

*Corresponding Author: Md Sadique Shaikh, Professor, ISTM, Mumbai, MS, India.

Received: July 20, 2020; Published: August 01, 2020


 The term “Singularity” has different meanings in different context from Space Science, Black Holes studies, Methodical modeling in all fields and here one of the most important aspect need to know “Technological Singularity” with special preference to “Artificial Intelligence Singularity”. The terms with confining Artificial Intelligence Context can be defined as “Singularity is the point in Artificial Intelligence where A.I engineer with most advanced forms using DeepMind, Machine learning, Data Science, Internet of Everything (IoE), Bionic Brain as Versions ‘Super Artificial Intelligence (SAI), Ultra Artificial Intelligence (UAI)’ with general purpose algorithms and reinforcement techniques and in result technology growth will become uncontrollable and irreversible to mankind with self-learning, self-programming and self-controls and Artificial Intelligence surpass human Natural Intelligence (N.I) and situation will become unfathomable with unforeseeable changes in human life with ‘Intelligence Explosion’ and the point when occurred called ‘Singularity’”. This term Singularity intended emergence of SAI, UAI based machines with capabilities, thinking and processing abilities difficult to predict by human we can also defined this as “A.I Anomalies OR Robotics Anomalies” means no one can predict, forecast the behavior of intelligence machine and their respective operations and actions because no one unable to know what self-program that intelligence machine changed from one to other form and might be next other forms smartly. You can analogically consider example of any virus which continuously changing its genome according to surrounding and environment. Hence such harmful behavior of Artificial Intelligence based machines and Robots would be harmful for human race because no one able to predict behavior and outcomes of particular machine either good or bad as response to human civilization. To know origin of term Singularity in depth you can search my other articles on it on Google, but here my intention is different from that aspect where I want to pay attention of all researchers, practitioners, designers, developers, engineers and architects of Electronics and Computer sciences develop such technology in all Artificial Intelligence based machines and Robots where we can controlled and protect humankind from the point of Singularity in Artificial Intelligence. Though its hypothesis and seems to be like science fiction as projected well in movies all series of Terminators, Robots and other likewise movies where they framed and depicted future possibilities of Artificial Intelligence very well like Robotics Emotions, Robotic Violence, A.I Singularity, Self-Programming and Controlling which surpass human intelligence and thousand time fast, instant and accurate in processing for all tasks. The term singularity not only remain limited to intelligence software’s with physical electronic bodies it’s also virtual and body-free intelligence software’s like Google Search and Google created Artificial God, Amazon and Apple devices connected with intelligence satellite based communication network named “Internet of Things (IoT) OR Internet of Everything (IoE)” and all Natural Intelligence that is Human, Non-intelligence that is all other living things on planet earth like birds, animals, insects, reptiles, all living and non-living things that from all electronic gadgets, devices to non-electronic things like fan, oven, furniture, car, motorcycles, doors, windows, lights, fridge, AC and all connected in single Ubiquitous Sensing Network (USN) with Artificial Intelligence unit and their Unique RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) modules in single IoE. Also human brain god made Natural Intelligence (N.I) interface with man-made Artificial Intelligence (A.I) with Cyborg technology and cybermatic artificial body parts like artificial eyes, legs, hands, shoulders, ears and all which are several time fast, accurate and strong as compare to our biological parts. Hence thing about the time if all these technology used to behave against of Mankind and become or treating human civilization like enemies or slaves. And if such a situation occurred this would be point of technological no return to Humankind called “Singularity” occurred.





Citation: Md Sadique Shaikh. “Singularity: The Point of Artificial Intelligence Saturation". Acta Scientific Computer Sciences 2.9 (2020): 01-02.


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