Acta Scientific Clinical Case Reports

Research ArticleVolume 4 Issue 5

Understanding Awareness of Tuberculosis in Population of Maharashtra, India

Sharad Patil1* and Kaushal Kapadia2

1Student, Texila American University, Guyana, South America
2Clinical Research Professional, India

*Corresponding Author: Sharad Patil, Student, Texila American University, Guyana, South America.

Received: April 17, 2023; Published: April 24, 2023


Tuberculosis (TB) is a communicable disease and one of the foremost reasons of poor health, due to microorganism - Mycobacterium tuberculosis that most usually have an effect on the lungs or even different frame elements as properly. Throughout the year 2020, statistics had been reported from 198 nations and territories that accounted for greater than 99% of the world’s population and predicted number of TB cases. Globally, an estimated 10.0 million (range, 8.9–11.0 million) humans were diagnosed with TB in 2019, and this number has been declining very slowly in recent years.

The study was conducted by doing a survey amongst the people of Maharashtra, India covering various regions from Urban to Rural, to understand the awareness amongst people. As right awareness would be the first key to success in controlling the community spread. DOTS being an initiative of Indian Government and it has been proved to control and treat tuberculosis at its best, but are the benefits of the same percolated to the interiors of the country and is the awareness enough where all required people can get the benefit out of that?

Data received showed good awareness amongst people about the disease as well as about DOTS, where 94% were aware about the disease with 72.66% were aware of DOTS, almost 40$ believed DOTS to be a good treatment but only 27% knew that it comes for free.

More spread of awareness will help in controlling and managing the disease better across the region and across the country.

Keywords: TB Awareness; Tuberculosis; DOTS; TB in Maharashtra


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Citation: Sharad Patil and Kaushal Kapadia. “Understanding Awareness of Tuberculosis in Population of Maharashtra, India". Acta Scientific Clinical Case Reports 4.5 (2023): 18-23.

Copyright: © 2023 Sharad Patil and Kaushal Kapadia. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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