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Some Specificity Around Mediastinal Tumours

Ibrahima Kalil Keita1*, Ana María Nazario Dolz2 and Yemelin Riveron Alvarez3

1Specialist in General Surgery, Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Ecuador
2First and Second Degree Specialist in General Surgery, Master in Medical Emergencies, Assistant Professor and Researcher, Ecuador
3General Practitioner, General Surgery Resident, Ecuador

*Corresponding Author: Ibrahima Kalil Keita, Specialist in General Surgery, Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Ecuador.

Received: November 29, 2019; Published: December 12, 2019



Introduction: The development of imaging enabled the topographic diagnosis of mediastinal tumors; however, even with the current advances in surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation, surgical access to this middle space of the rib cage has been the great problem faced by thoracic surgeons.

Objective: To deepen in the different updated cognitive aspects about mediastinal tumors.

Methods: Digital documentary search in databases: Schiele, Lilacs, Web of Science, PubMed, carried out in January of this year, of publications of the present century.

Results: Mediastinal neoplasm’s are infrequent, they can occur at any age, usually between the third and fifth decades and most are discovered incidentally at routine chest radiography in asymptomatic patients. Malignant mediastinal tumours are rare, but benign tumours are a diagnostic challenge for radiologists and pathologists. In malignant neoplasm a wide range of histological varieties is identified, attributable to the characteristics of the affected organ.

Conclusion: The definitive diagnosis is usually established by post-surgical histopathological study, with the exception of lymphomas and syringomatous germ cell tumours and some metastatic tumours, although computed tomography associated or not with percutaneous biopsy is the gold standard for preoperative diagnosis. The selection of the entry route to the thorax, as well as the surgical procedure both endoscopic and conventional is conditioned by the location and size of the tumour in the mediastinum.

Keywords: Mediastinum; Mediastinal Compartments; Mediastinal Tumours; Diagnosis; Treatment; Sternotomy; Endoscopy



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Citation: Ibrahima Kalil Keita.,et al. "Some Specificity Around Mediastinal Tumours".Acta Scientific Clinical Case Reports 1.1 (2020): 03-10.


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Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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