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Case Report Volume 5 Issue 8

Can Uncontrolled Blood Sugar Trigger Early Presentation of a Long Term Diabetic Complication? A Case Report of Lymphocytic Mastitis in a Recently Diagnosed Diabetic Patient

Zainab Aldawood* and Jamila Alazhri

Breast and Endocrine Section, Department of surgery, King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

*Corresponding Author: Zainab Aldawood, Breast and Endocrine Section, Department of surgery, King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Received: June 18, 2021; Published: July 13, 2021


Introduction: Lymphocytic mastitis is a condition associated with long term history of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. It commonly presents as a painless breast mass that can imitate breast cancer both clinically and radiologically. The early recognition of this disease is crucial for appropriate management, especially in occasions where the presentation is unusual and least expected.

Presentation of Case: We report a case of a 32 years old female with a short-standing uncontrolled non- insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and multiple endocrine neoplasm syndrome type I [MEN1], who presented with Lymphocytic mastitis suspicious for breast cancer.

Discussion: The patient had a short history (5 years) of DM compared to the duration described in the literature, and unlike the previously reported cases, her DM was noninsulin dependent and she had MEN 1 syndrome. To our knowledge, no prior reports of lymphocytic mastitis associated with MEN syndrome has been published. We hypothesize that the long term histopathological effect of glycosylation in DM can be accelerated by persistently elevated blood sugar (uncontrolled DM) over a shorter period of time.

Conclusion: Lymphocytic mastitis was believed to be associated with long term history of IDDM. We recommend that LM be considered as a differential diagnosis of a breast mass in patients with IDDM as well as non-IDDM. The history of uncontrolled DM, even for short term, should trigger early suspicion of LM to avoid mismanaging this benign condition as breast cancer. Patients with DM, especially uncontrolled, should be encouraged to periodically examine their breasts for the signs of LM.

Keywords: Lymphocytic Mastitis; Fibrotic Mastopathy; Diabetic Mastopathy; Breast Cancer; Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus


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Citation: Zainab Aldawood and Jamila Alazhri. “Can Uncontrolled Blood Sugar Trigger Early Presentation of a Long Term Diabetic Complication? A Case Report of Lymphocytic Mastitis in a Recently Diagnosed Diabetic Patient". Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 5.8 (2021): 32-36.


Copyright: © 2021 Zainab Aldawood and Jamila Alazhri. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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