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Volume 5 Issue 7

A Successful Ovarian Cancer Case

Andrew Hague*

Professor, CellSonic Limited, Morocco

*Corresponding Author: Andrew Hague, Professor, CellSonic Limited, Morocco.

Received: May 08, 2021; Published: June 05, 2021


  A lady discovered she had ovarian cancer in 2016 and was treated by CellSonic. The tumour remained big and had to be surgically removed after the cancer was stopped. Since then, cancer diagnostics have progressed and the electrical properties can now be easily detected allowing CellSonic to advance from stopping cancer in a patient to stopping cancer in a population. The patient is well and has approved this article.

Keywords: Ovarian Cancer; Cellsonic; Cell Voltage; Sapiens Shield; Sundar Raman

  This report is based on information passed to me by Sundar Raman [1] in Pune in India who treated the patient, Hema Bauskar, with a CellSonic VIPP machine. Hema has agreed to be identified and her medical details made public. It is important to remember that it was Sundar with his colleague, Manoj Borad, who treated the first cancer patient with CellSonic, Amir Hossein from Bangladesh in November 2016 for prostate cancer and he is alive today.

  To include all the details of the case so that you, the reader, can appreciate what was done and achieved, I am presenting the findings as they were received. Sundar Raman took great pride in putting the information in a form that is easy to comprehend so I am copying it straight into this article so that you see what I saw. Note the dates. The first report was at the end of 2016 and runs into early 2017 and then nothing more until April 2021. My observations will be made at the end after the findings.

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Wed 26/04/2017

Dear Andrew,

Good Morning. Attached are the latest test reports of Mrs. Hema conducted this week.

As per my understanding of the CT scan, there is a very slight increase in the tumour size or rather we can say that it remains the same. The CA 125 level has increased.

Another major development is that she is experiencing a paralytic type attack on her left side. Her left side of the face is not responding and also the left arm.

Her husband and brother have requested me to start the Cellsonic VIPP treatment immediately as they feel she was in a much better condition when being treated with VIPP.

Request your advice on how to proceed further.

Best regards


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After a gap of more than four years during which time there was no mention of Hema, I received the following email from Sundar:

Sat 27/03/2021

Hello Andrew,

With all the not so good news of the current situation globally on the Covid 19 pandemic, there is one good news which I got last week.

  Hema Bauskar you remember was diagnosed of 4th stage Ovarian cancer with her cancer tumour nearly growing to a size of a baseball and weighing 2 kgs around 4 years back. In the initial stages of her cancer, as you may remember, she had refused to undergo any treatment and was taking Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Kulkarni. After a few weeks into her diagnosis she was given around 8 sessions of CellSonic by me. It was only when she was unable to bear the weight of the 2 kg tumour and 4 kgs of fluid which had accumulated around the tumour that she decided to opt for surgery to remove the tumour but there was a condition put by the doctors (the MD surgery and MD Oncology at Dinanath Hospital Pune - I will not mention the names of the doctors) that she will need to undergo 13 sessions of chemotherapy before surgery. It was condition which had to be accepted in order to get the huge tumour surgically removed which actually looked as if she was 5 to 6 months pregnant.

After getting admitted to Dinanath Hospital and all the prescribed chemo sessions, she was operated and the tumour surgically removed.

After her operations, she was regularly having her tests done to check for any relapse signs every three months for the last four years.

Last week when she went to meet her Oncologist doctors with her test results, he told her that there was no further need for her to come and consult him as she was FREE from CANCER.

Although she was confident that she had completely recovered from cancer, she wanted the doctor to himself declare it which has now happened.

Best regards


Mon 29/03/2021

Hello Andrew,

  Met Hema yesterday evening and passed on your greetings to her. Also told her if she could pen down her experiences till date. She said she would try but one of the side effects of the chemo we have seen is that it has affected her memory and ability to retain. Sometimes she would pick up her cell phone to call someone and then suddenly forget why she was calling this person. Also, unfortunately we did not take any pictures of her at the time of her treatment as she did not want any residual memory of those horrible times.

All's well that ends well.



Clinical Observations

  Clearly, Hema is cured of the stage 4 ovarian cancer. At what time did the cancer cells cease to replicate profusely further malignant cells? The chemotherapy came long after the CellSonic treatments and having seen the speed of growth of her tumour it was CellSonic that stopped the cancer, not the chemotherapy. We now know that the electrical properties of the cells determine the behaviour of the cells and that CellSonic has an electrical field as part of its pulse action. When Sundar treated Hema in 2016, we were only thinking of pressure although we knew from other patients the effect on cancers.

  The comments by Hema’s family that she felt better after CellSonic is significant. This is observed in almost every treatment and not just for cancer but also the many other ailments covered by CellSonic such as wounds and physiotherapy. It needs further investigation because the likelihood is that CellSonic is anti-depressant. It has an effect on the emotions and we know that stopping cancer requires a positive mental state. In Sundar’s first report he states that Hema felt positive; that is medicine. It might not be measurable but it is still science even though the direct link between cause and effect is not yet obvious to us but as we go on with more patients we shall watch for the mental shifts and I am sure we shall see a discernible pattern.

  We now have better cancer diagnostics [2] that were not available to Sundar four years ago. The hospital’s diagnostics saw a tumour and declared it malignant. It may have been benign after the CellSonic treatment. If it had been malignant, it would have continued the cell replication profusely but it didn’t. It just sat there as a heavy lump and eventually had to be removed surgically. Whether the immune system would have dissipated the lump over time, we do not know. A smaller lump may have been tolerated but for Hema its size made it painful.

  The mental damage Hema suffered caused by the chemotherapy is a result of ignorance at the hospital. Chemo has a success rate of 2.5% which is a failure rate of 97%. In other words, chemo is total failure [3]. Why did the surgeons insist on chemo before operating? Perhaps they thought it would stop cancer cells spreading when they cut through tissues. Before then, CellSonic had stopped the cancer so there were no cancer cells left to spread.

  Hospital and their doctors work with lawyers standing on their shoulders. Only the lawyers benefit and they don’t care about anyone else. Politicians likewise remain ignorant and get cancer as much as other people. CellSonic is steadily demonstrating that cancer is not a biochemical problem, drugs have no effect; it is an electrical problem with biophysics being the effective science. This is an area of medicine previously neglected. Biochemistry in the hands of Big Pharma has only three products: anti-biotics, vaccines and anaesthetics. All their other offerings do not work whatever claims they make.

Biophysics deal with chronic illness and are showing as low voltage areas [4]. Correct those voltages and the chronic condition improves without drugs.

  Mental diseases are also responding to electrical fields, not direct blasts of electrical current but exposure to short duration electrical fields. If the patient preferred a totally natural cure, they would have to go outside during a thunderstorm, be careful not to be hit by lightning but close enough to a lightning strike to receive an increase in cell voltage. Such a protocol is impossible, dangerous and inadvisable. CellSonic is safe. It is essentially what has been used by urologists for forty years to remove kidney stones on millions of patients with no side effects. CellSonic can be called a hand-held thunderstorm [5,6].

  To find that the cause of pain is cancer is to realise that the cancer has been multiplying for many years, maybe ten, and lay hidden until the tumours became big enough to hurt. By then, there will have been many single cancer cells migrating from the parent tumour affecting other organs even though they will be too small to show on a scan. This is a bad situation. CellSonic is taking a different approach.

  Having improved the diagnosis of cancer, CellSonic Limited is working to diagnose and stop cancers in people before the person is aware of it. In other words, going from stopping cancer in a person to stopping cancer in a population [7].

Dr Glen Halls has analysed the data on Hema and reports as follows

  In the five months following CellSonic treatment a reversal of trend is noted. The tumour growth rate is dramatically reduced, accompanied by downward adjustments in tumour volume change.

Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17

  The Cellsonic VIPP treatments occurred in late December of 2016, just prior to second data point on the graph. We note that overall, the CA-125 levels have stabilized at below normal levels, which suggests the cancer is either in remission or even possibly absent. As of May 2021, the patient continues to thrive and enjoys a normal and active life following combination therapy utilizing the Cellsonic VIPP, even though the survival rate for stage 4 ovarian cancer is only 17%. Although there initially is a pronounced rise in CA-125 levels following treatment, this may be explained as follows: endometriotic cyst fluids contain very high concentrations of CA-125 but the thick walls of the endometriotic cyst prevents the large CA-125 glycoprotein molecules from reaching the peripheral circulation, although the block is not total. Some of the CA-125 molecules leaking from the endometriotic cyst may be transferred through the peritoneum and the associated inflammatory reaction of the mesothelial cells of the peritoneum was probably the most important contributor to the presence of very high level of serum CA-125. It is likely that the mutated/cancer cells were ruptured by the VIPP pressure waves, resulting in 'spillage' from the cystic mass into the blood stream. The sudden and sharp rise in CA-125 levels following Cellsonic VIPP treatment is not due to an intensified disease state. On the contrary, this spike is evidence of waste materials from de-natured cancer cells spilling into the bloodstream where they will be processed and removed via the kidneys. The data suggests that a detoxification/blood cleansing protocol might be a prudent adjunct to the treatment. This could be as simple as increased purified water intake.

  Good news: I sent the draft of this article to Sundar for approval. He took it to Hema and she was pleased. Here is the picture Sundar took of Hema in her garden yesterday. She is happy and grateful to CellSonic.

5th May 2021.

Figure 18


  1. Sundar Raman
  4. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD.


Citation: Andrew Hague. “A Successful Ovarian Cancer Case”. Acta Scientific Cancer Biology 5.7 (2021): 08-13.


Copyright: © 2021 Andrew Hague. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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