Acta Scientific Cancer Biology (ASCB) (ISSN: 2582-4473)

Review Article Volume 4 Issue 8

What is the Impact of Coronavirus on Indian Economy? - A Review

Pravin Kumar Patel1*, Jaya Sharma2, Shivali Kharoliwal3 and Prashant Khemariya4

1PhD Research Scholar, Madhyanchal Professional University, Bhopal, India
2Professor, Madhyanchal Professional University, Bhopal, India
3Professor, University of Kota, India
4Medical Scientist, Malaysia

*Corresponding Author: Pravin Kumar Patel, PhD Research Scholar, Madhyanchal Professional University, Bhopal, India.

Received: June 06, 2020; Published: July 17, 2020



 In the paper work we analysed the coronavirus epidemic and the spill over to the global economy which triggered the global recession in the year of 2020. How come a health disaster converts to an economic emergency? The answers are (a) the spread of the virus encouraged social distancing which controlled to the shutdown of financial markets, corporate offices, businesses and events. (b) The exponential rate at which the virus was spreading and the sensitive uncertainty about in what way immoral the situation could get, led to flight to safety in consumption and investment among consumers, investors and international trade partners. Lawmakers in several countries reinforced an extended social distancing strategy, damning the consequences of social distancing on the economy. We focus on the period from the start of 2020 through May 2020 when the coronavirus began spreading into other countries and markets. We draw on real-world explanations in measuring the preventive measures, monetary policy measures, fiscal policy measures and the public health measures that were adopted during the period.

Conclusion:Anti-D is used in pediatric age group for use in some carefully selected cases of acute ITP. Anti-D showed nearly the same efficacy and safety with cost effectiveness comparable to IVIG.

Keywords: Covid-19; Coronavirus; Financial Crisis; Global Recession; Public Health



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Citation: Pravin Kumar Patel.,et al. “What is the Impact of Coronavirus on Indian Economy? - A Review". Acta Scientific Cancer Biology 4.8 (2020): 03-09.


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