Acta Scientific Biotechnology

Short Communication Volume 1 Issue 12

Regenerative Medicine: Hype and Hope or Safety and Efficacy?

Peter Hollands*

Professor, Freelance Consultant Clinical Scientist, UK

*Corresponding Author: Peter Hollands, Professor, Freelance Consultant Clinical Scientist, UK.

Received: November 27, 2020; Published: November 30, 2020


  Regenerative Medicine, and the underlying stem cell technology on which it is based, offers considerable hope to patients suffering from trauma and acute or chronic disease. Despite this, Regenerative Medicine can be highly controversial in terms of claims and weaknesses relating to safety and efficacy, the regulatory aspects, the ethical and social aspects, the commercialisation of stem cell technology and most importantly the scientific and medical basis of the proposed technology. Regenerative Medicine is in its infancy and we must all be very aware that at present, hype and hope are the backbone of the technology. When safety and efficacy are the backbone then we will truly be in a new trusted area of clinical practice which patients can access with confidence.





Citation: Peter Hollands. “Regenerative Medicine: Hype and Hope or Safety and Efficacy?". Acta Scientific Biotechnology 1.11 (2020): 18-20.


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