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Review Article Volume 2 Issue 5

Properties of the New Time-space with a Constant Path (Sconst.)

V Markova*

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

*Corresponding Author: V Markova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.

Received: February 11, 2022; Published:


It is known that the material world in which we live is in time-space with constant time (Tconst). It is made up of transverse vortices that propagate in space at a constant speed (Vconst.) and only the distance is variable (S var.). According to the axiom which makes true the Maxwell's theory of the electromagnetic field, these transverse vortices also have a constant tangential velocity along the motion of the vortices [1]. That is why they form so called “closed vortices “ and all their points movе with in one and the same time (Tconst.). That is way the transverse vortices form so called real time-space with T = const.

The new time-space, described in previous works by the same author, is made up of longitudinal (not transverse) vortices, which have a variable (Vvar.) (not constant) velocity, i.e. they can be either accelerating or decelerating [3,4]. These longitudinal vortices with variable velocity (Vvar.) are described by the theory of New Axioms and Laws by the same author [2].

According to this theory, the accelerating longitudinal vortices suck transverse vortices from out and as they attract to each other and concentrate themselves to a funnel-shaped package. So they form accelerating funnel in S = const.This it happens by inserting the fastest vortex (Vmax.) in the center of the funnel, that moves with a minimum number and minimum diameter of coils. It passes the fixed path (Sconst.) with minimum time (Tmin.) and therefore it appears first in time. But the slowest vortex (Vmin.) is wound up in the periphery of the funnel, that is winding with the maximum number and maximum diameter of the coils. Therefore passes the same fixed path (Sconst.) with maximum time (Tmax.) and it appears last in time.

The decelerating longitudinal vortices emit transverse vortices to outside and repel each other by distracting and scattering their longitudinal vortices sideways.So they form decelerating funnel in S = const.

The accelerating and the decelerating funnels of longitudinal vortices (in Sconst. time-space) plays the role of a link between the decelerating and accelerating transverse vortices (in Tconst. time-space).

The properties of the new structures of longitudinal vortices are very unexpected and exclusive useful. For axample the gravity attraction is due to the acceleration along longitudinal vortices but not to space distortion. The real time in time-space T = const (TrealTconst) has an opposite direction to the real time in time-space S = const (TrealSconst) and so on.

Keywords: Divergence; Longitudinal Vortices; Maxwell’s Laws


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Citation: V Markova. “Properties of the New Time-space with a Constant Path (Sconst.)". Acta Scientific Applied Physics 2.5 (2022): 00-00.


Copyright: © 2022 V Markova. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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