Acta Scientific Applied Physics (ASAP)

Review Article Volume 2 Issue 1

Manifestation of Seismic Activity in Variations of the EM Field and Basic Ionospheric Characteristics

Vasily Yu Belashov*

Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Russia

*Corresponding Author: Vasily Yu Belashov, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Russia.

Received: November 27, 2020; Published: December 29, 2020



  The theoretical analysis of manifestation of seismic events in the electromagnetic field and fluctuations of the ionospheric parameters is presented. The three-dimensional case is investigated with due account of nonlinear, dispersive and dissipative properties of a medium. This give us a possibility to conduct more accurate study of influence of seismic activity in near and far zones of the epicenters of the earthquakes. It is demonstrated that EM response, as some precursor of the seismic event, can be observed ahead the seismic wave front, and its amplitude exponentially decreases with propagation. As for the ionospheric response, the post-effects at ionospheric heights are studied. It is very important for understanding and explaining of relations in the Earth – atmosphere – ionosphere system.

Keywords: EM Field; Ionosphere; Seismic Event; Rayleigh Wave; Solitons; Internal Gravity Wave; Travelling Ionospheric Disturbance



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Citation: Vasily Yu Belashov. “Manifestation of Seismic Activity in Variations of the EM Field and Basic Ionospheric Characteristics". Acta Scientific Applied Physics 2.1 (2021): 01-05.

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