Acta Scientific Pharmacology

Review Article Volume 2 Issue 1

Common Dental Problems among Children: A Review

Kuldip Shah*

Senior Lecturer, Pacific Dental College and Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

*Corresponding Author: Kuldip Shah, Senior Lecturer, Pacific Dental College and Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Received: May 13, 2020; Published: December 30, 2020



  Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step likewise journey of life starts with infancy. So, starting from infancy to childhood to adolescence, there is an important role of a person who takes care of good oral hygiene throughout this journey, is a pediatric dentist. By being an age-specific specialty, pediatric dentistry encompasses disciplines such as behavior guidance, care of the medically and developmentally compromised and differently abled patient, supervision of orofacial growth and development, caries prevention, sedation, pharmacological management and hospital dentistry, as well as other traditional fields of dentistry. Good pedodontic practice never starts at clinic but it starts at home with proper brushing, patient education, diet counselling and motivation. In the beginning pediatric dentistry was mainly concerned with extraction and restorations. The trend changed from extraction to preservations. Presently the concept of pediatric dental practice is prevention and concentrating on minimal invasion. Any curative treatment provided should be minimally invasive, preferably nonsurgical and conserve tooth structure as much as possible. In addition, an inadequate and unsatisfactory dental treatment during childhood can permanently damage the entire masticatory apparatus of the child leaving him with many dental problems commonly encountered in today’s adult population. Long lasting beneficial effects also can result when the seeds for future dental health are planted early in life. Oral health needs of children who are the bright future of our globe have to be upraised.

Keywords: Pediatric Dentistry; Oral Habits; Nursing Bottle Caries; Dental Trauma; Cleft Palate; Natal Teeth; Neonatal Teeth





Citation: Kuldip Shah. “Common Dental Problems among Children: A Review".Acta Scientific Pharmacology 2.1 (2020): 20-28.


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