Acta Scientific Pharmacology

Review Article Volume 1 Issue 9

Anti-depressant Activity of the Seeds of Zanthoxylum armatum on Swiss Albino Mice

Chandrajeet Kumar Yadav1*, Kamal Poudel1, Pinki Yadav2 and Roshan Mehta1

1Department of Pharmacology, Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa, Nepal
2Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa, Nepal

*Corresponding Author:Chandrajeet Kumar Yadav, Department of Pharmacology, Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa, Nepal.

Received: April 09, 2020; Published: August 12, 2020



The present study was designed to study the anti-depressant activity of the seeds extract of Zanthoxylum armatum using forced swim test and tail suspension test on swiss albino mice. The anti-depressant activity of the seeds of Zanthoxylum armatum was assessed using Chronic Unpredictable Mild-Stress (CUMS) induced depression in mice. The animals were treated with the Methanolic extract of seeds of Zanthoxylum armatum orally at two doses of 100, 200 mg/kg body weight for eight days after (CUMS) induced depression in mice. These results demonstrate that Methanolic extract of Zanthoxylum armatum has got anti-depressant potential.

Keywords: Zanthoxylum armatum; Methanolic Extracts; Anti-depressant Activity; Imipramine



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Citation: Chandrajeet Kumar Yadav., et al. “Anti-depressant Activity of the Seeds of Zanthoxylum armatum on Swiss Albino Mice".Acta Scientific Pharmacology 1.9 (2020): 03-10.


Acceptance rate36%
Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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