Acta Scientific Pharmacology

Review Article Volume 1 Issue 7

New Paradigm Approach against COVID-19

Jun Seok Yang1 and Hyun Won Kim2*

1Yangsaengchaega, Seoul, Korea
2Department of Biochemistry, Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Wonju, Korea

*Corresponding Author: Hyun Won Kim, Department of Biochemistry, Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Wonju, Korea.

Received: May 13, 2020; Published: June 16, 2020



New drug development is a long process including laboratory experimentation, animal testing and clinical testing. The normal drug development process cannot be used for viral diseases like COVID-19. Searching for a remedy from current viral medicine which already passed toxicity test could be a shortcut. We searched for a remedy for COVID-19 from the database of Korean traditional herbal medicine with Bio-Resonance System. We found Adenophora triphylla and arrowroot as potential remedies for COVID-19. Adenophora triphylla and arrowroot are easy to obtain and very safe. We also found the specific frequencies that resonate with Adenophora triphylla and arrowroot. Water extraction of Adenophora triphylla and arrowroot can be directly used for human consumption. Adenophora triphylla and arrowroot at their corresponding frequencies can be more efficiently used for preventive and therapeutic purposes with new paradigm technology, such as indirect water memory and digital 3D waves expressed in cards or modulated to electricity.

Keywords: COVID-19; Adenophora triphylla ; New Paradigm



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Citation: Jun Seok Yang and Hyun Won Kim. “New Paradigm Approach against COVID-19".Acta Scientific Pharmacology 1.7 (2020): 21-24.


Acceptance rate36%
Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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