Acta Scientific Neurology (ASNE) (ISSN: 2582-1121)

Opinion Volume 5 Issue 7

Billion People, Can’t Be Wrong

Jay P Vanden Heuvel*

Natural Selections INC, USA

*Corresponding Author: Jay P Vanden Heuvel, Natural Selections INC, USA.

Received: May 17,2022; Published:


After spending four days in the Capital city of Beijing China, I noticed as an American doctor, something very evident in the population. All the local Chinese were just plain skinny. I looked long and hard for an obese person while traveling there but was unable to find any. It was so obvious. Was it the gross domestic product, economy, poverty, or a lack of resources?

I visited the city of Xian. Same results. Li Jaing, another city in the southwest corner of the country, still produced no obese citizens at all. Shanghai was another confirmation. All these populous cities, but I could find any citizens that were overweight. Just tourists. Yes, the Chinese citizens have money, and business was booming everywhere. Yes, they can afford refrigerators. The only difference I could see was their local diets and lack of fast food.



Citation: Jay P Vanden Heuvel. “Billion People, Can’t Be Wrong". Acta Scientific Neurology 5.7 (2022): 00-00.


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