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Research Article Volume 5 Issue 1

The Challenges of an Unpredictable Fat Romance: A Proposal to Turn the Face-clock Back with Total Aesthetic Recall of the Aging-face, Following an Anticlimax of Gaga Euphoria

Lotha Bona1 and Mohammed Zeinalddin2*

1Craniofacial Cleft Surgeon, Yemen Global Smiles, Sanaa, Yemen
2Craniofacial Orthodontist, Mohammad Orthodontic Center - Senior Lecturer, Oman Dental College, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

*Corresponding Author: Mohammed Zeinalddin, Craniofacial Orthodontist, Mohammad Orthodontic Center - Senior Lecturer, Oman Dental College, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Oman.

Received: November 11, 2020; Published: December 14, 2020



  Fat grafting for facial rejuvenation is often followed by significant and unpredictable resorption within the first few months. No one has been able to validate the best technique to ensure long term volumetric retention of fat transfer and results continue to be unpredictable. Fat alone as a filler for facial rejuvenation may not be the best option, and other modalities should be considered in addition for treating the aging face. A combination of well standardized, and evidence-based invasive and non-invasive procedures can effectively reduce the effects of aging.

Keywords: Facial Rejuvenation; Facelift; Fat Grafting; Aesthetic Medicine; Skincare; Lasers; Fillers; Face Q; AI



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Citation: Lotha Bona and Mohammed Zeinalddin. “The Challenges of an Unpredictable Fat Romance: A Proposal to Turn the Face-clock Back with Total Aesthetic Recall of the Aging-face, Following an Anticlimax of Gaga Euphoria". Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 5.1 (2021): 44-50.


Acceptance rate30%
Acceptance to publication20-30 days
Impact Factor1.278

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