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Short CommunicationVolume 4 Issue 3

Climate and the Tower of Babylon

Khalidullin O*

Ecology Professor, Academician of the Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

*Corresponding Author: Khalidullin O., Ecology Professor, Academician of Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan.

Received: February 02, 2021; Published: February 12, 2021

Citation: Khalidullin O. “Climate and the Tower of Babylon”. Acta Scientific Microbiology 4.3 (2021): 58-60.

  Humanity has destroyed 70% of land with arable land, reservoirs, asphalt, concrete, landfills and ore. 400,000 hectares annually in Russia alone - an area equal to the sum of the territories of Moscow and St. Petersburg are covered with landfills.

 Each of us sends 400 - 500 kg of garbage a year to the landfill.

The world's landfill on land is equal to the area of Mexico, and about is growing.

Figure 1

The destruction of biota is dangerous for the planet by reducing natural evaporation and increasing evaporation in tod, not performing their natural functions on soils.

  In the layers of the landfill, the most complex unmanageable processes of rotting and decomposition. In the cut of thellatate there are gases, increase temperature, there are fires, poisoned the atmosphere.;-56.

  "We took samples, and we were horrified. Water is "infected" with lead, mercury, sulfates exceed the norm 15 times, ammonia 10 times! In the well, which we drilled two and a half kilometers from the landfill, we found an excess of manganese three times, zinc - 2.4 times, nickel - 14 times, arsenic - almost 9 times, and copper 67 times!".

And Mr. De-de created mining enterprises to extract such elements. You just have to collect that kind of water, take everything you need and sell it.

It is widely known and used to composting food and household waste in compost containers with methane. The Adi landfills stretch for hundreds of hectares around the cities.

The legend of the Babylonian tower has long been known.

  "From the east, people came to the land of Sennaar (in the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates), where they decided to build a city called Babylon and a tower to the skies".

What if such a tower is made of garbage...?

Only Stewe want to make airtight and create control and control of chemical processes.

Figure 2

Figure 3

The construction of such a tower filled with garbage is an interesting task.

It is assumed that the construction of such a tower should be built on new technologies.

  The construction with simultaneous filling of garbage appears to be more intimately close. The basis is taken by the dose of a totally strong sheet roll material, for example, plastic, 2 - 10 meters wide and 2 - 10 centimeters thick.

  On a horizontal flat platform a circle with a diameter of one hundred, two hundred, up to 1000 or more meters is marked. The entire area is sealed by a coating with controlled output of drains. A slightly tilted foundation is installed with a constant step of the spiral inside and towards the top. 1 and 2. When the circle is closed, the lower edge of the wall should be just below the top edge of the beginning of the previous spiral and one step closer to the center. This step or distance between the spiral turns is a transport terrace, on which trucks with garbage go to the upper subsequent turns-tiers.

  On the extent of the construction of the wall, in general, it is spirally swirling inside a single wall, it is necessary to immediately fill the resulting tilted circle with garbage, so that there was a support to support and strengthen the structure. Each layer of debris is well rammed as it rises. Trucks with garbage are coming through it. After the completion of construction, this coating is filled with fertile soil and planted with vegetation. In the middle of the layer, two or more piping systems - airtight and porous - are evenly laid throughout the incision area. On an airtight pipe will circulate clean water - a heat carrier that will be heated by rotting debris. Warm water can be used to heat the city. The excess liquid will be collected and excreted in the sewer. Each of these processes is analyzed, monitored and managed. If the release of gases will be caught, there will be no rotting smells. Irrigation of garbage is also possible to activate processes.

All available landfills and landfills can be turned into such high-rise towers - buildings covered with vegetation in the summer.

  In the center or in any other place of the tower is a pipe - a mine for elevators, stairs and communications - with a diameter of 5 - 10 meters, of metal, brick land reinforced concrete with access to the surface - at the top of the tower and the entrance to the very bottom inside of the specially left passages. On the very top of the mine, and it grows faster than anything else, installed the arrow of the crane lifting debris, installing walls and equipment.

  On the surface of the rammed debris on some tiers inside the tower are installed airtight containers the size of the apartment, the number and layout of the apartment and connect the corridors with the central mine and the outdoor terrace. It is possible to establish cavities of various forms of puff material, which withstands load and tightness. Windows and doors on each tier with access to the received terraces are cut out of the quart. After the completion of construction, the terraces are planted with vegetable and fruit trees and vegetable crops.

The resulting premises can be used as offices and housing. On the ved of the tower there are kinds of playgrounds, recreation areas.

After the construction is completed, the slopes and the remaining terraces are sown with vegetation. The heat comes from below, and solar radiation comes from above.

You don't have to have a tower in the shape of a strict cone.

  The shape of the building in the plan can be any, not necessarily round. The rectangular shape of meters is possible 10 - 20, 100 width and kilometers long. Or polyhedron, star, oval, battle form. The northern parts of the tower can be converted into ski slopes. To do this, vertical sections of walls are removed from the center and the terraces can be wide enough and are filled completely with clay and soil. Bridges or tunnels are installed across the terraces to smooth out the slopes.

In different places of such a slide you can install elevators or funiculars for the ascent of the skier.

  Thus, in the area of garbage of one and more landfills is collected on a small area, turns into a recreation and sports zone, use heat and gases of decomposition. Waste becomes a stable and efficient income. There are new types of houses, planting areas and recreational areas. Do not need to carry garbage for long distances - you can create such towers on the outskirts and in the city.

But the most important thing is that organic evaporation is the basis of the natural cycle of water and climate.

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