Acta Scientific Microbiology (ASMI) (ISSN: 2581-3226)

Short Communcation Volume 3 Issue 4

Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain!

Ayonika Mukherjee*

Department, N/A, University/Organization, United States of America

*Corresponding Author: Ayonika Mukherjee, Department, N/A, University/Organization, United States of America.

Received: March 02, 2020; Published: March 20, 2020


  Microorganisms have been in existence from prehistoric times and they are present everywhere land, air, water, on living and non-living organisms and even in our guts. There are trillions of microorganisms that are inhabiting in human digestive tracts and intestine and are referred to as gut microbiota or gut microbes. The gut microbiota is a multifaceted ecological community which contributes to different body regulation like metabolic and immune responses. Literature has shown an association between gut microbe dysbiosis and inflammatory diseases. Over the last few years, a lot of research has been done to understand the gut microbiota better and modes to maintain a healthy gut microbiota and how they can be used to reverse some of these gut inflammation diseases. One of the most major findings has been the gut-brain axis, where researchers have shown a link between the gut microbiota and the central nervous system.





Citation: Ayonika Mukherjee. “Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain!". Acta Scientific Microbiology 3.4 (2020): 169.


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