Acta Scientific Microbiology (ASMI) (ISSN: 2581-3226)

Short Communication Volume 3 Issue 2

Rivers and Climate

Oleg Khalidullin*

Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

*Corresponding Author: Oleg Khalidullin, Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan.

Received: December 16, 2019; Published: January 10, 2020


  Rivers on our planet are the most important link in the water cycle in nature. The water circuit is not the simple picture that we were introduced to in childhood. More precisely, this is a picture of the cycle without a man and his crimes before nature.

   Water from heaven falls on a variety of different areas, and, depending on this, performs various functions. And with the advent and development of mankind, water functions have increased. The quality of the area changes, which precipitates. We have killed 70% of the land inhabited by arable land, reservoirs, ore and landfills, deforestation, asphalt, concrete, and we accelerate this process every day. Once in degraded areas, water evaporates without changing its structure, as it came from the sky in the form of Н2О and evaporated back. Natural fumes began to yield to artificial fumes in quality, volume and speed in such a way that the latter began to affect the climate. More details can be found in:





Citation: Oleg Khalidullin. “Rivers and Climate". Acta Scientific Microbiology 3.2 (2020): 47-49.


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