Acta Scientific Microbiology (ISSN: 2581-3226)

Editorial Volume 3 Issue 1

Actual Problems and Tasks of Microbiology

Pavel Franzevich Zabrodskii*

Saratov Medical University "REAVIZ", Saratov, Russia

*Corresponding Author: Pavel Franzevich Zabrodskii, Saratov Medical University "REAVIZ", Saratov, Russia.

Received: November 20, 2019; Published: December 02, 2019


  Currently, the actual problems of microbiology are the issues of infectious diseases within the framework of associative symbiosis (from fundamental research to applied development). The important tasks of medical microbiology of the 21st century are to decipher the biological role of norm flora in the regulation of homeostasis, the participation of bifid flora in the regulation of human intestinal homeostasis, issues of antimicrobial recognition, the maintenance of the barrier function of enterocytes and the selection of effective probiotic strains.





Citation: Pavel Franzevich Zabrodskii. “Actual Problems and Tasks of Microbiology".Acta Scientific Microbiology 3.1 (2020): 01.


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