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Review Article Volume 6 Issue 6

Dental Care and Oral Health Maintenance among Alzheimer’s Disease Patients- A Narrative Review

Arnavi Gaur*, Vaishali Yadav and Avantika Katyal

Department of Dental Surgery, Artemis Hospitals, India

*Corresponding Author: Arnavi Gaur, Department of Dental Surgery, Artemis Hospitals, India.

Received: July 01, 2022; Published: August 04, 2022


Effective interventions in dental clinical settings are adding years to the lives of a greater number of geriatric patients who have either primary or acquired neurological conditions or diseases. In the next 3 decades, a new case of Alzheimer’s is expected to arise every 33 seconds i.e., a million cases a year with the total prevalence expected to reach 13.8 million. With this increased prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, it is more likely that a dental practitioner comes up with an active management of dental diseases, thus improving the quality of patient’s life. A case-control study published as a systematic review using quantitative meta-analysis indicated that these patients are more prone to edentulism due to their poor ability to maintain oral hygiene compared to healthy subjects. This loss of tooth structure affects mastication and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, thereby affecting their quality of life. This can be explained by the negligence of oral health by both patients and caregivers, as these patients suffer from behavioral and psychiatric symptoms resulting in poor oral hygiene, causing periodontal diseases. Alzheimer’s is a slow progressive degenerative brain disease that causes severe morbidity and can prove to be fatal [1].


Keywords: Dental Care; Oral Health; Alzheimer’s Disease; Patients.


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Citation: Dr. Arnavi Gaur, Dr. Vaishali Yadav and Dr. Avantika Katyal. “Dental Care and Oral Health Maintenance among Alzheimer’s Disease Patients- A Narrative Review". Acta Scientific Dental Sciences 6.9 (2022): 03-09.


Copyright: © 2022 Dr. Arnavi Gaur, Dr. Vaishali Yadav and Dr. Avantika Katyal. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


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