Acta Scientific Dental Sciences (ISSN: 2581-4893)

Review Article Volume 5 Issue 1

Halitosis: Causes and its Management

Umma Zainab*

Dentist, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

*Corresponding Author: Umma Zainab, Dentist, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Received: November 09, 2020; Published: December 14, 2020



  Halitosis or oral malodor or bad breath is a prevalent condition which presents itself commonly in routine dental practice. It is a common problem that affects all ages and also has a psychosocial impact on the patients causing many of them distress, anxiety and embarrassment. The condition can be physiological or pathological with a number of underlying factors, with many a time multiple factors contributing to the issue. This article reflects on the multifactorial etiology of the condition and its management briefly.

Keywords: Halitosis; Causes; Management



Citation: Umma Zainab. “Halitosis: Causes and its Management". Acta Scientific Dental Sciences 5.1 (2020): 47-49.


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