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Research Article Volume 3 Issue 2

Health, Employment and Income Interactions of Poultry Industry

Sanjay Rode*

Department of Maternal and Child Health, University of Mumbai, India

*Corresponding Author: Sanjay Rode, Department of Maternal and Child Health, University of Mumbai, India.

Received: November 21, 2020; Published: January 22, 2021



  Livestock sector of Indian economy contributing maximum in national income. The demand for poultry products is increasing fast in urban and rural areas. Poultry industry has provided income, employment and nutrition to the rural and urban people. Such industry has backward and forward linkages with high potential of economic growth. The CAGR for per capita state domestic product, eggs production and poultry population is increasing fast in India. There is large inter and intra state disparities observed as far as poultry population, eggs production and per capita income state domestic product is concerned. However, such disparities have grown significantly after globalization period. Now maximum farmers have started using the poultry manure for different crops. Organic crops have positive and multiple benefits on health of people, animals and dairy farming. At present, poultry industry is facing economic, technical, social, marketing, environmental issues and vaccine for poultry birds. Government must provide access to capital, veterinary services including vaccine and competitive market for poultry product. There is need to protect poultry industry from natural calamities. There is need of training for farmers to start poultry industry and get more information, technology and market for products. Such policies will certainly help the growth of poultry industry in India.

Keywords: Globalization; CAGR; Employment; Poultry Industry



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Citation: Sanjay Rode. “Health, Employment and Income Interactions of Poultry Industry”. Acta Scientific Women's Health 3.2 (2021): 14-22.


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