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Short CommunicationVolume 5 Issue 3

The Two Dominant Electromagnetic Frequencies of Life

Edward F Block IV*

Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Doctorate in Behavioral Biology, USA

*Corresponding Author: Edward F Block IV, Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Doctorate in Behavioral Biology, USA.

Received: February 01, 2021; Published: February 25, 2021

Citation: Edward F Block IV. “The Two Dominant Electromagnetic Frequencies of Life”. Acta Scientific Microbiology 5.3 (2021): 58-60.


  Life began, developed and matured within the biosphere of the Earth. The 5 fundamental forces of physical reality played a major role in bringing together the material resources that made up the Earth upon which the biosphere was created and that allowed life to flourish.

Keywords: Electromagnetic Frequencies; Life


  The force of electromagnetism has played a crucial role in the background within which life evolved apart from the formation of stable matter, the ionic nature of matter compounds and the cohesion of matter brought about by the force of gravity. One is the injection of electrons into the ionospheric resonant cavity due to weather, specifically thunderstorms. The resonance produced has a frequency of about 7.8 Hz and harmonics, called the Schumann Resonances [1]. The second is the transverse electromagnetic waves produced by the interaction of the Birkland electron current in the crust of the Earth with the dynamic fluctuations of the motor of the core within the center of the Earth [2]. The resonant frequency of this interaction which is so vital to life is about 4.5 Hz. The reason that this frequency is important is that this is the natural resonant frequency of water. Thus, all life has this fundamental frequency of 4.5 Hz as well in addition to the frequency of the ionospheric resonance of 7.8 Hz. These 2 frequencies still dominate the background within which life started, developed and matured to yield the flora and fauna with us today.

  Maintaining the body in a reasonable state of health is a full time endeavour. Basic to this maintenance is the consumption of adequate drinking water and food. The makeup of food is such that in its natural form it has considerable water content within which the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and other nutrient substances are dissolved and embedded. This is true for all life in all of its myriad forms. Here the frequency of 4.5 Hz is paramount. The interaction of your body with the food and water that you consume takes place within the background frequency of 4.5 Hz. The brain in your gut, the Enteric Nervous System (ENS), has roughly just as many elements, neurons, as does your skull brain, the Central Nervous System (CNS). These 2 brains, sets of neurons, are connected by the Vagus nerve. Both sets of neurons may act independently and function quite well of each other if the Vagus nerve is severed. The hindbrain of the CNS controls many of the autonomic reflexes that interact with the ENS via the spinal cord. Your skull brain is especially tuned to the 7.8 Hz frequency of the Ionospheric resonance cavity and harmonics in addition to the basic 4.5 Hz frequency. These 2 frequencies overlap, 1 drawn from the crust of the Earth as transverse electromagnetic waves and 1 from the ionospheric resonance cavity. Together they produce what is the basic fundamental frequencies of the human body, 4.5 Hz for general background and 7.8 Hz for control issues.

  The gut brain governs what enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Your skull brain brings the food and water to your body for the gut brain to utilize. Please note that you may eat and drink but the matter is still outside the body while within the lumen of the gut. The lining of the gut digests and absorbs what the body needs and passes the remains through the end of the gut lumen. So, the lesson to learn here is that the skull brain directs efforts to provide the food and water for the gut brain to utilize in order to maintain the healthy body form.

  The causes of dis-ease are many and illness takes many forms. The history of dealing with the human body as an energetic entity is as long as humanity has existed. In the sub-continent of India, a tradition of meditation, medicine and astrology developed in order to assist people to deal with their bodies as healthy and ill entities. Gautama Buddha amended and brought this tradition to Tibet. From there it spread to the area we now know as China. The Chinese put their own imprint upon this tradition and gave to us today what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This TCM encompasses Acupuncture, Tui Na (body work), An Mo (massage) and Oriental Medicine (herbal medicine). Tui Na is the mode that gave the stimulus for Dr. Palmer to create what he called Chiropractic. He obtained most of his ideas for body manipulation from Tui Na. In the East, meditation is a widely adhered to practice with many forms excitant.

  There was no meditative tradition in the Western world apart from Shamanistic practices during the use of the mushroom called Soma (Fly Agaric) and also Psilocybin containing mushrooms. One example of the use of Psilocybe mushrooms for conscious expanding properties is the Hellenic location near Athens that was the place to meet the underworld and enter the Elysium Fields. Here one was prepared for the rite of passage emotionally and mentally for the experience. Many of the ruling elite of Athens were students of the rite.

The Hellen from the area of Thessaly, Greece named Hippocrates, from the island of Kos, is known as the father of western medicine. A popular but most likely only positing it to Hippocrates is the quotation- “Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food”. He also put great emphasis upon moderate exercise. Hippocrates separated what became medicine from the influence of spirits and the Gods.

  Dr. Maximillian Hell (in German Hell means smart or intelligent), a Catholic Priest from Hungary was an astrologer and an astronomer. In order to be a better astrologer, Father Hell made a more accurate ephemeris. He practiced magnet therapy and introduced this concept to Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer. Dr. Mesmer moved from the use of magnets and to the use of his hands to affect cure, using what he called “Animal Magnetism”. He also developed the use of a special tub of water with broken glass in the bottom and strings of silk attached to trees and ending in the water of the tub. Patients were shielded from the broken glass on the bottom of the tub. His work was denounced by the French Academy of Sciences as fraud. Benjamin Franklin of the USA was a member of the investigating committee. Those people did not understand what was the basis of the phenomena utilized by Dr. Mesmer. The author will explain what those people at that time did not understand. Frankly, I dought that Dr. Mesmer understood the physics behind his techniques either. The idea here is that conscious effort may direct energetic frequencies from the hands to influence bodily phenomena.

  We know that water has the fundamental frequency of 4.5 Hz. Dr. Hans W. Geirtz has shown us the physics and mathematics behind the transverse electromagnetic waves that yield the frequency of 4.5 Hz. The silica within the glass of the broken bottles leaches out into the water and hydration shells of water form around them. The silicic acid solution and hydration shells in turn entrains the frequency of 4.5 Hz much more strongly in the water. Thus, people bathe in a large reservoir at the frequency of 4.5 Hz. This frequency is in tune with the 4.5 Hz of their bodies and helps to displace any discordant frequencies. Dr. Geirtz also discovered that microorganisms resonated at 3.75 Hz and 5.25 Hz. People with diseases had spots of these discordant frequencies at the locus of infection within the body. Dr. Mesmer developed the tub so as to relieve him of the onerous discharge of his own vital energies by mentally projecting the 4.5 HZ frequency from his hands into his patients.

  There is a phenomenon within the plant kingdom to transport water and the frequency of 4.5 Hz through the body of the plant yielding a result much akin to that of animals. Thus, the silk threads or cords channeled the 4.5 Hz frequency into the water as silk is a natural fiber made of protein. This affected a boosting of the scalar aspect of the water in the tub. Scalar phenomena are self reinforcing, a fact well known in the science of physics. Thus, placing people in the tub assisted their body to throw off any discordant frequencies and become balanced. The idea here is that energy transference is a completely natural occurrence and is dynamic in properties. This allowed Dr. Mesmer to treat many patients at the same time and keep himself balanced.

  The Art of Meditation is one that the author has practiced over 70 years, experience starting spontaneously at the age of 4 years old. Meditation was first documented in the sub-continent of India. As stated, meditation moved to Tibet and on to China and then southeast Asia. While the author originally started his meditational practice in a form easily recognized as Raja Yoga, over the succeeding years he developed his own techniques. One of the first changes was to remove the influence of culture from practice. The author received his Doctorate in Behavior and became a successful research scientist in Neuroscience. Second was the realization that “enlightenment” is just the first step on the path towards understanding. Third was the gaining of the understanding that “Intent” is everything. The only difference between a prayer and a spell is intent!

If you want to view exercises and techniques of the Art of Meditation, please access the information at this link - the art of meditation [3].

  After balancing myself, this means balancing the 4.5 Hz and 7.8 Hz frequencies within the body at the Heart area, the author makes sure that he is very stable on attaching his body-field to the 4.5 Hz frequency that arises from the crust of the Earth and this is called grounding. The author then passes his hands over the body of the patient to discover and discordant frequencies within their body/body-field. If such are discovered, he consciously projects the 4.5 Hz frequency into the patient at the area over the discord. After an intuitively derived balancing action, he ceases the projection. He then scans the body again and applies further projection if needed. Thus you may learn to balance your own frequencies or with practice, those of others.


  With proper training, one is able to consciously direct efforts to balance and harmonize the two dominant frequencies of the human body, 4.5 Hz and 7.8 Hz. Yours in shared Bliss, Edward Block.


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Copyright: © 2021 Edward F Block IV. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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