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Research Article Volume 5 Issue 2

Updated Protocols in Immediate Post Extraction Implants

Valeria Azzolini*, Pier Paolo Scaperrotta, Angelo Li Pizzi and Jose María Aguado Gil

Department of Dentistry, Universidad Europea De Madrid, Spain

*Corresponding Author: Valeria Azzolini, Department of Dentistry, Universidad Europea De Madrid, Spain.

Received: October 14, 2020; Published: January 28, 2021



Background: Nowadays Immediate Implants represent a widely spread and predictable treatment option; but, different protocols have been proposed along the years and it is still debated which of them could lead to better results.

Objectives: The objective of our study is to analyze the updated guidelines to follow when placing immediate implants and to discuss the esthetic and functional results obtained. We will investigate the surgical and the prosthetic protocols individually and combined each other taking into account the follow up period and the survival rate.

Materials and methods: The research was performed on Pub-Med and Med-Line. Applying all of the inclusion and exclusion criteria 13 articles have been collected with a total of 893 subjects and 1193 implants placed. For each of the articles we gathered the surgical and the prosthetic protocol, the implant design, the follow up, the survival rate, the bone loss, the functional and aesthetic values.

Results and Discussion: After analysing different articles proposing alternative treatment options we observed that: The most used surgical techniques were the Flapless without Guided bone regeneration (46%) and the Flapless with guided bone regeneration (33%); The prevalent prosthetic protocol used was the Immediate loading (76%); The most frequent implant design was the Tapered one with Platform switching; The survival rate of immediate implants ranged from 97,4% to 100%. Finally we discussed and compared the results obtained focusing on our objectives.

Conclusion: Depending on the socket situation, either a Flapless or a Flap elevation+ Guided bone regeneration + Connective tissue graft or collagen membrane would be a good option. Less bone loss was observed for the Flap+ Guided bone regeneration+ Connective tissue graft +Delayed loading and Flapless +Guided bone regeneration+ Connective tissue graft+ Immediate loading techniques, showing the second one an higher PES value together with the Socket shield technique. Considering the limitations of our research, further studies are needed.

Keywords: Immediate Implants; Post-Extraction Implants; Bone- Grafting; Socket Preservation; Immediate Loading; Delayed Loading



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Citation: Valeria Azzolini.,et al. “Updated Protocols in Immediate Post Extraction Implants”. Acta Scientific Dental Sciences 5.2 (2021): 112-127.


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Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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